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Hello everyone. Cult Critic Magazine is a digital platform which climbed to its success and showed it to everyone. Bringing the best out the best of works of directors and movies to the spotlight. Movies are seen by people across the globe irrespective of the language barrier. Quality of work by the director, story and impact of the film is what is looked by the judges while deciding the winners.

And its time to discuss the films which it made its ways to the winners circle, bringing them to spotlight.


2 Farrar (Two at large)

Genre: Short film

Directed by Rajat Verma, 2 Farrar is a story about two thieves who planned to rob a house and a face an unexpected situation.

Two thieves whose main concern is to steal a particular object from the house. Initially scared but they making up their mind they proceed to rob the house. While putting things in the bag one of the thief trips and falls down andnotices a blood-stained body and the object which they came to steal.

And when the realized the situation it was already too late.

As the film overview gives the idea “An extramarital affair, a fight, two thieves and a murder.”

The director leaves it to the audience to decide what could have probably happened at the end.

The acting and direction is quite to the point, the small details and expressions were not missed in the camera.



Genre:1 minute film

Being a debut filmmaker and pulling off such a crucial topic so easily is something to boast about, and this is what Hanane Bendisari has done. Being a self-taught director, screenwriter and pulling off topics containing such important messages so effortlessly is amazing to watch.

The story is about a cross-country female athlete who tries to break her coach’s record. And prove everyone that men and women are equal. While running she could hear voices of her loved once saying its okay to not perform to prove herself.

But she is determined to prove herself. Will she be able to prove herself is the question?

The director has made the film short and very crisp. Showing everyone is equal if they work hard irrespective of their caste, race and creed. It is all the hard work and focus that matters.



Genre: Animation

Empty is a 5-letter word but has a very deep meaning to it.

That is what the director Eduardo Gallardo is tried to say through his movie Emptiness.

We are made of madness, fun, love, sad, anger, care, jealousy and many other emotions. But at the end we all are alone and wear faces of different emotions. The film very creatively tries to portray the different emotions and faces of a human.

The story portrays a man who is surrounded by darkness and emptiness and is slowing removing his different emotion faces to unravel and understand who he truly is.

This film will make you think hard about life and who we really are and what are we made up of.

The director and his creative team have done an admirable job on creating this animated figure and making almost real and filling up with so much emotions.

Emptiness is surely an award worthy film. This film can make you think about life and emotions very hard.


The Only Asian

Genre: 1 minute film

This one-minute conversation between two Asian people says a lot about who are they, where they are from and why they are talking like that.

For anon-filmmaker with zero knowledge of movie making and editing, pulling off this fun and quirky act is an excellent job.

Portraying Asians through the eyes of North Americans and diversity and representation of different places is important across the country.


Dream Catcher

Genre: Short Film

Starring the legendary Dharmendra, this film is much more advanced than we can think of.

This film deals with technology, human emotions and psychology human behavior.

This film is about a loving father who can go to any extent to protect her daughter from getting hurt.

And very interestingly all the characters in the film are protagonist. But very different from each other. The filmmaker and the writer played justice to their job. They played well with human psychology and talking about dreams and how it can affect someone’s thought.

The film revolves around a couple and how the girl’s technologically advanced father tests the boy’s intentions through his dreams.

To know if they succeeded to get married or leave each other,

You have to watch the movie and see how far your loved ones can go for you to love you and protect you.

The film is definitely an award worthy movie dealing with dreams, human psychology and emotions with the amazing acting and direction of the actors and director.


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