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The Water Bottle’s Adventure

The Water Bottle’s Adventure

Directed by Robert Macartney | Review by Riya Saha

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he movie is simple with a social message to drink fresh water. You might ask yourself: “Well, where’s the fun in that?”

The incredibly unique element of this film is the age of the filmmaker Robert Macartney; he is just 11 years old. Yes, you read it right, he is just 11 years old and has successfully created “The Water Bottle’s Adventure” which made his dream come true. This film not only has an ideal message but it is visually interesting with animation and the sound effects. Good work never goes unrecognized and Robert Macartney has gained attention at film festivals internationally.

What Robert did is amazing and this 4 minutes film has the power to let every human being know the importance of consuming fresh water. We do read about water purification in chemistry but let’s be honest; it does get boring! I truly wish that Robert would have made this film years back so that we did not have to study our boring chemistry Water chapter. Well, the theme of “The Water Bottle’s Adventure” has not only made a big impression on the people who have seen it but it also increased the level of competition. Years back it would have been impossible for us to imagine a movie so true and amazing like this.

The young director studies at St. Louis Catholic school and always expresses himself through his drawings. He was born in Manitoba, and lived in Toronto for a while before his family moved to Waterloo three years ago. That’s where his drawing really took off when he was introduced to Sheepdog Animation Studios.

With only a year of animation school education, Macartney’s short film, The Water Bottle’s Adventure, won a gold medal at the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts in Lidice, Czech Republic. The animated film has also won him awards for Best Student Film at the Elements Film Festival in Vancouver, and Best Young Film Maker at the Spring Cinefest India.

As “The Water Bottle’s Adventure” short film has an environmental message, showing the importance of preserving clean drinking water, this film can truly spread awareness all around the world. I am completely amazed with this film and I can bet that anyone who watches it will fall in love and must show it to their kids even if they don’t love animation movies. Although I highly doubt.

I confess that it was impossible for me to find any flaws in the movie, the film had amazing background music, sound and voice over. Mixed with the visuals, it became a scintillating creation of the young director Robert Macartney.

So, spare 4 minutes and watch how Walter the Water Droplet along with Clean Water work together to… Ah, I think you better watch the movie, as I believe there no fun revealing the film story. It would just destroy the fun and intensity, So, this Happy Ocean’s Day 8th June join “The Water Bottle’s Adventure” and spread awareness about the cleanliness of water for a better world.


Riya Saha is a Kolkata based writer, editor, journalist and cinephile. She has completed her masters with Journalism and Mass Communication from Calcutta University and currently working as a freelance journalist. Having a great interest in world cinema made Riya join Human Lab Corporation. She is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. She enjoys reading, writing, travelling, socializing and meeting people. She is also very fond of watching International movies.

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