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Directed by Vasco Diogo/ Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Touring the city sites, streets and walkways while listening to uplifting music is everyone’s dream nowadays. Most of the world is currently under some kind of quarantine or safer at home orders due to Covid-19 pandemic, and while being at home might be nice for a day or two, most of us find ourselves craving for that outside world we didn’t know we took for granted. And this is exactly where Walkscape comes in to play.

In his short film, Vasco Diogo lets us feel the rush of the city, throughout all hours of the day, the lazy early morning before the world wakes up, the rush to get to our destination, the beautiful movement of the light, the romantic sunset and the peaceful nighttime that finds resolution in another morning.

Escorted by an upbeat music, written by Welcome to silkeborg, I felt myself longing to feel the rush of the city, the noise and the sense of everyday life the film captured so well.

I must admit that at times the fast pace was hard to track as it almost made my head spin, but something tells me that was probably intentional and was there to make a point. In his film, Vasco Diogo, took us on an exploration tour, but chose to show the city in high speed and at times, animated. As the day progressed, so did the animation until it became actual footage. The choice made the viewing process more appealing, and kept my interest as I was waiting to see what the director will show me next.

I assume that if we were in regular times I might have interpreted the film as a wakeup call to see the hectic city life that will not and cannot stop. And so maybe it is us that should remind ourselves it’s ok to do that. Perhaps this was made so we all notice the speed our life are moving at, and that we need to hit pause every now and then, so we can appreciate the little things along the way. Walkscape is about walking to escape, but in these strange times, it gets a whole new meaning, which is a part of why art is so magical. The creator might meant one thing, but as life happen, his art can be interpreted in different ways. And when that is possible, it is because the artist made valid choices, much like here.

So, if you want to be reminded of the outside world (cause all we do right now), the pace, the noise and the sights,while listening to exciting music, you should definitely check this one out. And then you can go back in and relax again, reminding yourself to try and enjoy the quiet these days offer.


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