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Vicky and Victoria’s Secret

Vicky and Victoria’s Secret

Directed by Eshank A. Modi  |  Review by Triptayan Chatterjee

[dropcap]A wonderful hide and seek game that love creates has been emphasized in the tiny film Vicky and Victoria’s secret. A touchy drama along with its linear dimension is just the reflection on the hard life that people who fall in love experience. No complex cinematic language, no extravagant camera work and no game of light and sound, but an abstract flavor of heart is felt in the film VICKY AND VICTORIA’S SECRET. Love between a man and a woman has always been a matter of cinema from the very beginning.

But this kind of heart touching short movie is rarely seen. Though it has been shot with a mobile phone, nobody can realize that except for the experts. This feature of the film has given the director Eshank Modi a true hype! What a wonderful film.

The film wants to show that love can make a man turn upside down. A laundryman Vicky lives in a mess. He shares his apartment with his mates. He has fallen in love with Supriya, who works as a maid in a rich house. He takes the clothes from the house where Supriya works. To make Supriya impressed, he wears the clothes he brings from that rich house for washing. On the other hand, Supriya uses the perfume which is called Victoria’s Secret. The boy wants to look like Tom Cruise and the girl wants similar things too. They meet on the beach with their fake looks to impress each other. But at last, they can understand each other. The storyline brings no conclusion, it just maintains the feature of a short story.

The most important parts of this five minutes film are the ocean waves and the dialogue uttered by the laundry worker. When Vicky and Supriya walk along the beach and talk about their dreams to get married, the waves show their calm and joyful feelings. When the boy runs along the beach uttering ‘Catch me if you can’, this is a clear indication of the director that the acting in the stage of love is going on. But love is love; it has to be achieved at any cost. At a par with it, the attractions towards the consumerist world from the mediocre and poor peoples have also been delicately drawn.

The depth of field, color and light are not so important in this mobile-shot film. Since the mobile phone doesn’t have the same options as a DSLR or a film camera, this movie needs to be considered in a different way, using a different approach. Yet all the necessary parts of filmmaking have been followed and maintained as far as possible. For the viewers, it is a very beautiful microfilm shot with a mobile phone camera.

The theme of the film is that nothing is unfair in love – of course, in a non-violent way. Love is the shelter for the couple. There is no subplot, no conflict or substory in the script. The linear screenplay has given the film an extra dimension. There is no hesitation to say that the dimension of acting is extremely wonderful. All the characters act in a natural way, mimicking the rhythm of the fast life of the modern world. The contrast between the hectic professional life and slow romantic life on the beach takes us to a unique world where we can feel what life is made of. In every layer of the script the existence of present and expected life of every individual has been drawn delicately.

No doubt, a mobile camera film VICKY AND VICTORIA’S SECRET has been a great achievement in the world of short movies.

Triptayan is a filmmaker looking for a different horizon. Earlier a journalist Triptayan has done intensive research on film language and made different documentaries so far. He is now concentrating upon feature film in a vast landscape. Professionally a teacher, Triptayan has also passion for making films threaded with the international and universal thoughts.

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