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Review by Panchali Kar

The film Vaman tells you the story of brotherhood, fellow feelings, and the victory of good over evil. The film has references with Indian mythology. Vaman avatar is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a dwarf, who appears on the planet to preach about humility, and the fact that size does not matter. The same philosophy has been incorporated in the film Vaman. The story revolves around a boy of about 10 years of age and his triumph over religious discrimination and hatred.

Cult Critic Film of the Month: Vaman
The movie begins with a feel good note. We get to see a happy family comprising of Vaman, his father, his mother and his grandfather. In spite of minor tensions between Vaman’s parents, they live a peaceful life and happily perform the daily chores of livelihood. As a family they stand together and don’t compromise in front of the people with evil intentions. Vaman shares an impeccable bond with his grandfather.

Cult Critic Film of the Month: Vaman

The story takes a sharp turn as Vaman loses his parents over an accident and his grandfather goes into paralysis. This is the chapter we get to see the different shades of people who come forward to help the distressed, however have a different motive behind it. Vaman the little boy plays the role of Virat, the mighty, and nullifies the haters and the opportunists single handed and establishes mutual respect among the people. Thus marks the victory of good over evil.

Cult Critic Film of the Month: Vaman
This movie is a good instance to teach good values like kinship, religious tolerance, respect towards others, family values to the children. The boy who plays the title role is very spontaneous.  His actions don’t seem artificial for a single moment. Rest of the actors to did their best job. The camera work and the editing is neat. The overall presentation is engaging and entertaining for family audience.


Panchali Kar Cult Critic Film MagazinePanchali Kar is a Dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Filmmaker. In addition, Panchali is a devout advocate for egalitarian social change, is affiliated with the NGO, Responsible Charity and currently working on a photo documentary on LGBT rights. She is an avid scholar and veteran of the performing arts and a seasoned instructor. Panchali maintains several degrees in the Arts including a M.Mus degree. Ms. Kar is also affiliated with AKTO, a Kolkata theater group based in the city in which she resides.


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