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Directed by Paul Kelly & Shabbir Ghadiali

The name Uncaught goes perfectly with the content of the documentary. Uncaught is meant here as the process of releasing something from entanglement. That something is the center of attraction of this documentary. From caught to uncaught is the gist of the film. So the name really echoes with what has been shown in the documentary. The term uncaught also mean free. The documentary is about freeing someone or something. It is a story of help; love and sympathy.

Uncaught is a documentary film.  The director of the film has divided the film into multiple genres like Micro Short, Wildlife, Environment, Observational Short Documentary, and Nature. The best thing about this documentary is that it blurs all the line that the sub-genres have created. Interestingly, this film can be watched by everyone. As mentioned above, the story will echo the subjects of love and sympathy. As a viewer, it is better not to get bogged down with genres and sub-genres. I’m certain that you’ll get immersed with the ‘story’ of the documentary while watching it. It hooks you from the moment you start watching it. Interestingly, after finish watching the film, you develop a deep connection with subject of the documentary.

This documentary is for everyone. From children to adults, nature lovers to documentary freak, Uncaught is actually for everyone. There is a universality is the subject of the documentary.  Love is the central theme of this documentary. Audience will get to realize why we should take care of each other. I’m not revealing the ‘thing’ that present in the documentary because I don’t want to give spoilers. However, the underlying factor of this documentary is the connection between man and nature. This connection makes the documentary easy for eyes.

The directors of this documentary are Paul Kelly and Shabbir Ghadiali. Shabbir Ghadiali has also shot the film and written the script of the documentary. On the other hand, Paul Kelly produced and edited the documentary. The cinematographer of the documentary did a splendid job. The documentary carries an impromptu feel which actually helps to establish the connection. The film is a collaborative effort of NYC-based filmmakers’ duo Paul Kelly and Shabbir Ghadiali. However, while watching the documentary, you will not realize that it is their first venture. Uncaught has been screened at multiple award shows across the world. The simplicity in the story what attracts everyone.

The story line of the documentary is that a seagull gets caught in a fishing line; an anonymous beachgoer brings calm to the situation. The action of the beach goer is how the story unfolds. There is a continuous positive tension runs through the documentary from start to finish. There is an underlying sadness present in the film. There would be debates whether this documentary highlights the work of the beach goer or the seagull. I personally believe the film is about the importance of establishing a connection with wildlife under the guise of help and love.

The film establishes a story of love and sympathy. However, it is not staged or acted.  The impromptu factor in the documentary attracts the audiences. The film opens suddenly giving you zero chance to what happened earlier. You just go with the flow as the story unfolds. Another fascinating aspect of this film is the cinematography. The way film has been captured is not only interesting but also evokes the psychological aspect of the film. There are camera jerks while shooting the film. Those jerks really helped to understand mindset of two characters in the film. One is the beachgoer and another is the seagull.

I would give the documentary 3 stars out of 5. The sheer unpredictability of the documentary attracts me immensely. The event seems really ordinary which we overlook every day. However, as a responsible human being it is really important to consider events like these.


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