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Directed by Lorenzo Gonnelli  |  Review by Nabadipa Talukder

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ocusing on the dark matter through music and visual interpretation, “Twalking” delves into a theme girdled with objects unfathomable and the surrounding resembling that of Earth. It begins with a hint of familiarity, with the emergence of what seems to be a human body with music accompanying and relishing what you would come across. It has a very interesting mixture of reality and illusion which engrosses and questions its own making. The dreamlike sequence depicts the journey of a man, whose story we would soon find out.

The story begins with a man emerging out of a water body, depicting his birth. The slow progression to his realization of his existence is then portrayed through visuals where he becomes aware of his body and his surroundings. He tests and examines everything around him. Changes can be then seen through the change of matter both inside and outside of him. This man imbibes from his surroundings, tests everything while he walks on the surface. The depictions of matter changing and evolving are visualized using graphic motion animation.
Every element on Earth is shown to be associated with this man who turns his face to each element carefully, nurturing it coming in close association with every object as he embarks on a journey. There are concepts like mirroring, reflection and stance, a symmetry which is manipulated and used in conjunction. When all of the elements come together, all the elements are seen to merge with the creator who most probably is “ADAM-the first man”.

From the beginning of time, the concept revolving the creation of Earth has always been debated and explored and interpreted in different ways. Lorenzo has made an attempt to interpret it with a dark theme. The presence of rain, cloudy setup with a man walking all alone predicts and precedes the ideology of the first man being all alone and seeking for something he isn’t aware of. He takes to exploring everything around in order to look for answers. He walks through the caves and he walks through the forests and tries to connect to all living things looking for answers. Will he ever know?

The key feature of this project is its music. The different modulations in sound and quality of music that would have to be selected and incorporated into the video would have an impact on the visuals. Lorenzo’s skills in graphics and his perfect choice of music make the project even more interesting to watch. However, it would have been interpreted in a far better had this script been explored some more. The aftermath of human birth, growth and consequent existence has no limits. This film and how it has exactly replicated this thought is perfect in every sense.


Dr. Nabadipa Talukder is a doctor by profession with a passion for creative writing and has been into digital content writing for almost 5 years now. She practiced as a dental professional for two years in Kolkata before she quit her job in order to pursue a career in writing. Nabadipa was exposed to the freedom to write for various fronts which opened up her mind and introduced her to the world of screenplay and script writing. She wishes to travel and understand various cultures and wishes to write their stories.

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