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Tutopique #Slogan



 “Tutopique #Slogan” by Maurice Huvelin | Review by; Barry John Terblanche.

Tutopique #Slogan. Comes in at just 2:10 minutes. It’s not a short film as you’d know one to be. This is abstract art… at its best. Author, creator, actor, and director Maurice Huvelin explains and shows us how to write a good “connected slogan”, a tagline if you wish. Not in a manner you’d think… as Maurice Huvelin puts it “Coherent talk is heresy – pompous speeches are logically fallacious”.

Here he teaches us the “correct way”. Take a dictionary, open it and flip through the pages with your fingers – stop at any page – through it up, that it falls on your brain, to then fall open on the table – close your eyes and stab the open page with a “Swiss army knife” – The word you stab… will be the first word in your “connected slogan”. And so you carry on. Each time using a different utensil of the Swiss army knife.

…Now this sounds absurd. But, again, this is abstract art, and Maurice Huvelin role-plays it well in a comical manner. Just he alone in a room with a dictionary and a Swiss army knife. Yes, this is a short for those diverse art film people/audiences… I’m not one such person. Yet, I really enjoyed this short! I guess it would be each on their own as to how you see it – take it.  

So who comes up with a short art film like this… Maurice Huvelin is a scoti-french filmmaker and comedy researcher born between Madagascar and Paris, from an English mother and a French father. He graduated from the Orleans School of Fine Arts with Hitchcock, and studied at the Orleans Conservatory of Dramatic Art with Cotillard. Father of five children, Maurice Huvelin is an independent author-producer, a bit of an actor as well, and finally, above all, a director of particular, absurd, poetic, idiotic, baroque, savage shows and micro short movies. His films have won awards at international festivals and have been broadcast on European channels, even ARTE!

He is the creator of the animated series BIGSHOT produced by Girelle and France Televisions. Awards for Best Animation in Miami, Dublin, Melbourne, Buenos Aires and Seoul. Tenth Best Web Series of the 2015 World Cup.

TUTOPIQUE #COMPANY is the first short film in his new series TUTOPIQUE which has already been selected or awarded in almost a hundred festivals or Webfests around the world. Wow!

“Maurice Huvelin has the secret of the minimal device that makes a maximum. Somewhere between Tati and Buster Keaton, films that make the joy of advertisers, and ours!”

“Maurice Huvelin not only has a deliciously wicked wit, he also has a bit of a little brat side that likes to break his toys when they have finished serving.” Telerama.


Barry John Terblanche, a once professional produced screenwriter across all genres and formats. Now, since 2018, he had moved his attention to film production, he is an acclaimed independent film screener, reviewer, and critic for a few international film magazines. Also, a competition judge across top film festivals.



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