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To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

Written by Agnese Pagliarani  |  Review by Ananya Jana

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o Hell and Back tells the story of Audie Leon Murphy, the most decorated soldier of the World War II. The script was based on Nation’s Pride. It’s really worth knowing about the genre. It’s a real propaganda fest, from the beginning until the end.

Audie Leon Murphy is referred as a national hero during the World War II and as the most decorated combat soldier of the war. Among his 33 awards, he got the highest award for bravery that a soldier can receive. In addition to this, he was also decorated for bravery by the governments of France and Belgium and he was credited with killing over 240 German soldiers and wounding and capturing many more.

The European Civil War is a concept meant to describe a series of 19th and 20th-century conflicts in Europe as segments of an overarching Civil War within a supposed European society. The protagonist is the most Decorated American Soldier of the World War II. Europe’s extra-European involvements have little place in the story and thus in the explanation of the course of events.

Each individual strength in this script is rarely, if ever particularly outstanding, but collectively, the pros outweigh the cons enough to make a reasonably compelling film. This movie surely entertains and occasionally tenses up, even though it could have bitten so much more firmly.

Apart from Audie, there are many characters among them – Ellridge, Bergman, Evans, Hellen, Kerrigan, Josie, Steiner, Martinez, Colonel and others characters that played an important role. After all, we know how it all ends; the smoldering ashes of 1945 are visible from the start. So it is a great war, open city is filled with snapshots of daily life, family spats, and love affairs, which become unbelievably moving in the context.

The last few decades have seen a powerful move among British historians to understand metropolitan politics within that imperial context. There have been some costs to that move, not least that the European context is sometimes lost to view. It is important to recognize that the two imperatives fed off one another in quite surprising ways.

The feature script intertwines the destructive nature of pride and ambition with the peaceful reassurance that comes from engagement with life on its own terms. It has remained a compelling and damning statement about the horrors of war and an inspiration for radical pacifism throughout the twentieth century. It offers a suitable framework for the various chapters in this script which has explored both war and peace as companions of the religions of the world.

The War was finally over on September 2, 1945 when Japan signed the capitulation. At the time, Lieutenant Audie Leon Murphy just turned 20 and has been rewarded with all the military commendations of the time. He was nominated as the most decorated American soldier of the World War II.


Ananya Jana finished her master degree in Journalism and mass communication. She is the event coordinator. She loves to explore different genres of movie. She is a passionate writer and believes that real writing equals authentical writing without the veneer and excuses in order to reach the audience at a heart level. She believes that when she writes she comes alive and the energy zaps. Her passion for writing focuses on character-driven plotlines.

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