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Directed by Jayden Singh, William Michael / Reviewed by Biplab Das

Tigahdoo is full of suspense, a mystery thriller without a solution.  This film is short and full of camera jerks which is kind of interesting, but enthralling. The sudden end of the film is the main point of the film. Genre-wise the film is a mystery thriller but very dramatic. It is quite unpredictable that how a simple two boy’s story turns into a thriller. The unpredictability factor keeps the mystery alive. The last few minutes of the film are intense. The intensity of the film keeps the film afloat.

This film is for everyone’s watch. From children to adults- everyone will enjoy the film. The film caters to everyone- all across the globe. The universality of the topic helps the film to reach everyone. The simplicity in the first part which builds into a mystery in the second part makes the film unique. The film is not even 10 minutes long. So you can watch it without losing too much time. The film has a unique blend of childlike simplicity and maturity, making the film worth watching.

The director duo Jayden Singh and William Michael have penned a unique story for everyone. The director duo also acted in the film. Initially, it may look hurried but at the end of the film, you will realize why it was necessary. The film predominately features two young actors. Jessi Thind’s role as a father is short but mentionable. Sound plays an important role in the film. The film has an interesting soundscape, designed by Little Big Lion, which weaves the mystery carefully but in a beautiful way. And of course, I have to say here that the doll also played an important part. The look wise the doll is really interesting.

The plotline of the film goes like this- during the 2020 march break, two young filmmakers disappeared while making a movie about a cursed doll near the old mill in Amity Creek National Park, Quebec. A month later their cell phone recovered. The places in which they’ve shot are really interesting. The choosing of the places is another intriguing part. The jerky shots are intentional and tell a lot about the mindsets of the two young filmmakers. The two young filmmakers are disturbed in their minds, as shown in the film, making the film’s line stronger.

The story is simple in the film- the life and the sudden disappearance of two boys. The two boys are filmmakers who get lost while shooting. Their disappearance is related to a cursed doll. The director duo didn’t tell much about the history of the doll. It was also not needed. The main focus of the film is the sudden disappearance of the two young filmmakers. In what circumstances, they have been disappeared is also not clear. It makes the film open for viewers to interpret in their ways. Yes, the film can get interpreted in multiple ways.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The two young filmmakers are phenomenal. There is no iota of evidence that they are new. The film talks about the inquisitiveness of the kids, not only those two kids but kids in general. This aspect distinguishes the film from the rest. The interesting fact is the way film seamlessly flows. Production-wise the film is stunning. Look wise the film should get a thumb up undoubtedly. I would like to give 4 stars out of 5 to Tigahdoo.  Don’t miss it guys.


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