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Tic Tac Toe



Directed by Smriti Grover | Reviewed by Samiksha Periwal

‘Tic Tac Toe’ is a short film as fun and interesting as it sounds. It is a story of a very unique friendship that randomly happens because of a quick game of tic tac toe, drawn on just one of the artistic walls of Delhi. The two people who haven’t even seen, met or heard of each other take tiny steps in a friendship with each passing day and turn it into a beautiful relationship sharing a very different level of comfort and trust with one another. Given that they both appear to find social connection to be exceedingly challenging, their odd bonding over a random game ends up being a blessing for both of them. The insecurity and issues with communication are all bridged by their anonymity which keeps them in touch every day and helps them share their highs and lows with each other.

The central idea of this film is to talk about the inner feelings of people with communication issues. This is a very common concept, we all must be having at least one friend who purposely avoids social gatherings, getting out of the house and other such activities. These introverts find peace in being by themselves and more often look out for similar kind of people who can relate to their problems and truly understand their perspective. The protagonist of this film is one such girl who prefers to shut herself inside a house and avoid meeting or seeing other people. In fact, social interaction is something that makes her feel extremely anxious. She is seen to be looking for a quiet and introverted friend in life with whom she can comfortably share her problems. On one usual day, while crossing the streets of Delhi, she finds a black board with the grid of tic tac toe drawn on it and without much thought put into it she decides to start the game by filling in one of the boxes of the grid. The protagonist is pleasantly surprised, to find another box filled the next day and this makes her feel curious about who the other person could be. Therefore, she decides to continue with the game. From this point on, the story unfolds beautifully and we as an audience witness the start of a very unique yet special kind of friendship that builds between two complete strangers, with a feeling which seems very unfamiliarly known.

This film has successfully answered an ongoing question that many people with communication issues might have in their mind- “is it possible to be close to someone without ever communicating with them or meeting them.’’ While this may seem little too superficial on one hand, it doesn’t seem absolutely impossible on the other. The possibility of having such a friendship in itself a big boost for all the introverts out there. The freshness of the story and the simplicity in the way it has been put across for the audiences is a very big pus point which would definitely touch the audience’s heart and make them smile at the end of it.

The graphics and aesthetics of the film are simple yet attractive. A soft background score gives a very soothing effect and the entire voiceover idea fits perfectly with the storyline. The direction and storyline in the film are praiseworthy. The director, Miss Smriti Grover is a young talent, she’s an amateur filmmaker currently in her second year of college pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Delhi University, India. Her work is a very good example of how passionate and interested she is in the field of filmmaking.

Tic Tac Toe, as a whole, is a very refreshing film with a unique, short and crisp storyline. It is like an everyday story of an average individual facing communication issues which makes it highly relatable for the masses. A three minute, light hearted film is the perfect stress buster for you. Therefore, this film should definitely be a must watch for our viewers.


Samiksha Periwal is an 20 year old student from Kolkata, West Bengal. She is an enthusiast, eager to learn and explore. She has done her schooling from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata and is currently a student of Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a triple major in BA Psychology, Sociology and English. She is a passionate writer and has won many laurels for her school through the years.



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