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The Winners Circle

Short reviews by Riya Saha

Independent cinema has always been the inspiration for the thousands of aspiring directors, cinematographers, filmmakers and a lot more. The films have some great content, acting, music, graphics and name anything. Moreover, we can easily get to know the variety of concepts the new film making fraternity has and detailing in their work.

In the Winner’s Circle for the month of June, let us bring into the limelight a few award-winning films that not only has won the hearts of audiences but also grabbed the attention of the jury. And certainly, this is why they got awarded with the CULT CRITIC MOVIE AWARD OF 2018.

It’s showtime guys! Let’s have a quickie into the films.

BOZKIR LOOK AT THE BIRDS – Awarded Best Director
LENGTH: 01:51:10

Directed by Mehmet Tanrisever “BOZKIR LOOK AT THE BIRDS” is a mesmerizing creation. Based on the theme of pure friendship, honesty and integrity, the two friends and also gun dealers, lead a happy and fulfilled life. But an incident changes their lives forever. The story is appealing to the perfect mixture of great picturesque and smart storytelling.

On the course, Abdullah realized his mistake and finally, he repented for all his guilts. The story not only features a strong bonding between friends, a man who stood against him his friend for his abusive deeds, and also a friend who repented for all his life. The end of the film will surely appeal to the audience and director Mehmet Tanrisever deserves praise for setting up stories around gripping characters. The scenic beauty of his location acts to its full potential, making this movie a visual treat to the eyes.

The director gave him the best performance by making the film truly appreciable. Smartly acted by the actors, not a second you will get bored. Surely, this film belongs to the winner’s circle and hoping for more upcoming movies from Mehmet Tanrisever.

A Gift of Love: Sifar (Emptiness) – Won the Best Debut Film Maker Award
Genre: Feature
LENGTH: 1 hour 40 minutes
Directed by Dhruv Sachdev

Life is a gift of God but does everyone see it in the same way. A strong past can be haunting and happy moments can be defying. Why we always love happy times and Why is it that we never desire bad stuff that life throws our way? But what is so good about the 21st-century film industry is that everyone is valuing good content and great acting skills.

Directed by Dhruv Sachdev “A Gift of Love: Sifar (Emptiness)” reveals the most interesting narration. This feature film has excelled through its characters – beautifully played by their actresses. Their struggle, as we move along the film helped by the narrative structure seen from the point of view of the protagonist, becomes the struggle of the spectators as we move forward because the mechanism behind writing and acting has totally worked.

Shot with good cinematography and supported by an accurate sound and original score, “A Gift of Love: Sifar (Emptiness)” contains all the key elements for a strong drama story, rendered through the pain, emotions, memories, and stories of Ayesha, beautifully acted by Sudha Chandran. Extremely satisfied with the verdict and surely this is a movie worthy enough to grab the “Best Debut Film Maker Award”.

“re/cycle” – Directed by Rene Smaal Awarded the Best One Minute Film
COUNTRY: Netherlands
Genre: Experimental, Short
LENGTH: 54 seconds

re/cycle – Directed by Rene Smaal is a movie that has a lot to say in just a minute. Forest. “A bicycle. A man. Where did they come from? Where do they go” – is the way the director describes the film. Where there are movies with 54minutes, the director has described his thoughts in just 54 seconds.
The trees in the Forest are born and they die after a certain age. Same happens with humans, they are mortal. On the other hand, though the cycle is man made it resembles the cycle of birth and death. In fact, once a bicycle gets old, it can be sold and recycled for the iron.

Have you ever heard of the Cycle of Decay? It is the fate that awaits all living things: to be broken down, to be recycled,” to become the building blocks for a new life. Death may end a life, but it’s still an obligatory part of the life cycle. The cycle of decay reflects a necessary and hideous relationship—life resists and yet “relies on death.

I believe, the there elements selected by the director – Trees, Man, and a cycle well portrayed the theme. Moreover, shot in black and white the movie brings the warmth of the concept. Surely an award-winning film.

Dikki – Experience fear, paranoia, and suspicion
Genre: Black comedy, mystery
LENGTH: 29 minutes 55 seconds

Directed by Adhvith Nambiar “Dikki” (which means the trunk at the back side of a cab) won the Best Winners film award. With no clichéd plots, not so funny jokes or easy laughs, Dark comedy is surely the most evolved of the entire genre. Switch off your lights, turn your laptop on and start watching this intriguing movie where Two acquaintances, Arjun and Neena, take a drive to attend a mutual friend’s wedding in the countryside. But the car they are driving has a mystery that gets unveils during their journey. The plot is chaotic and hilarious, coming together in the most entertaining way.

Surely the director has tried to create a niche of high quality, meaningful and thought-provoking storyline in “Dikki”. I am completely mesmerized with the sound effects and the way the film is portrayed. And surely this movie is for everyone but especially dedicated to those who’re willing to cross over from boring conventionalism.

Big Lies- winner for best documentary films.
COUNTRY: United States
Genre: Documentary
LENGTH: 38 minutes 58 seconds

“Big Lies” Directed by Igor Runov has a concept coined by Adolf Hitler as a propaganda weapon in his famous “Mein Kampf” but was first used by Joseph Stalin to cover up massive man-made hunger in the Soviet Union in the early 30s. The main character is an American writer who travels to Russia these days. She meets the last survivors of Holodomor.

Will she uncover the controversial facts? To know that you will surely need to watch this movie. As a documentary Big Lies has left no stone unturned. The director has conducted sufficient research on the theme. The director owes the idea of the film to Mr. Alexander Yakovlev, the architect of Mikhail Gorbachev’s PERESTROYKA and one of the world’s most brilliant and unappreciated politicians of the late 20th century.

As a documentary film, Big lies reminds us of the maniac who masterminded the propaganda concept of Big Lie almost one hundred years ago. And about another one who first put it into practice with enormous human sacrifice. Not only that the film also gives us hope that all ‘BIG LIES’ would be impossible if all of us changed our habits and stopped accepting small lies as an unfortunate but necessary evil in our daily lives.

So, that all I have for this month. Cult Critic has more stories of independent movies and the awards they won. I believe every independent filmmaker is a winner on their own. Their creativity and insight to see a story with a unique perspective make them among the most desired personalities in the film industry. Keep following the winner’s circle of cult critic movie awards for the latest updates.

Riya Saha is a Kolkata based writer, editor, journalist, and cinephile. She completed her masters with Journalism and Mass Communication from Calcutta University and currently works as a freelance journalist. Having a great interest in world cinema made Riya join Human Lab Corporation. She is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. Riya enjoys reading, writing, traveling, socializing, and meeting people, and is also very fond of watching International movies.


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