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Directed by Steven M Ulman/ Reviewed by Riya Saha

“The White Room” directed by Steven M Ulman provides a real, untamed look into our inner psyche. Filmed from the viewer’s point of view, “The White Room,” deals with the voices that we have in our heads. It deals with the inner self the insure times that we spend in our life. Laziness, Ego, Logic, Anxiety, Anger, Hopelessness are the six voices we hear in our heads. All these are leads to depression and when in anxiety we try to find means of finding peace.

Through his film, the director tries to explain how a child when born is like a blank canvas, an empty white room,  innocent and clean. As we mature just like the protagonist in the film and experience life. The room or our mind becomes cluttered with stains, marks, and different voices. We derive our motivations, reasoning, and decision making from this place. The truth is, no one has a clean canvas and life gets ugly. The character in the film deals with a real struggle within and this what the director plans to bring in front of us.

While watching the film the first problem that I faced is the speech or the dialogue spoken by the actor, it is not that clear. And I felt a concept is so strong it needed an impactful voice that could speak all the emotions that the character is going through.

In the words of the director that I like to quote, “Mental health is an epidemic that’s not addressed enough. The White Room is the innocent blank canvas of our mind at birth. As things happen to us, this room becomes cluttered, marked, and filled. A canvas of woods, stains, and voices. I do not believe there’s such a thing as a mentally perfect person. All of us relate to this metaphor without even realizing it. “The White Room” is a raw emotionally charged psychological thrill ride from the viewer’s point of view. Everything, everything, everything,” a saying I’ve held onto for years. Everything in this film was thought out, there are no coincidences. I made sure to carefully create so many connections and references between scenes and characters. I want my viewers to talk to one another about their interpretations of this film. This is a film for all of us. The Struggle is Within.”

The movie has a very strong storyline and the concept is enough to set the movie rolling. But this is a suggestion from my side if the director plans for a remake I like him to recreate the same concept with more feelings, more justification, more expression to make others understand what the character is going through. What is making him take such a  decision of committing suicide?

The film ends with the message that: Some of the deepest wounds have no scars, When you feel like giving up, just remember the reason why you helped on for so long.

Overall, The White Room is a movie worth reviewing, and kudos to Steven M Ulman to come up with such a unique concept for his film.


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