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The Struggle



The Struggle | Reviewed by Gaurav Dutta

“The Struggle” is a short comedy film directed by Keith Armonaitis dealing with the most simple and daily tasks of the day and how logically he makes it “funnier” than it actually is. The creativity portrayed by the director in just under five minutes is amazing. The movie starts off with a couple sleeping in bed with bright music playing in the background. 

The lazy couple seems to be in deep sleep with all the bed covers, pillows shattered around the bed. Suddenly the alarm starts ringing, breaking their peace at 8:00 AM. The wife in her sleepiness tries to lazily put a hand on her husband’s face to wake him for closing the alarm as it is on his side of the bed. After multiple funny attempts, the husband finally allows himself to press the snooze button. The couple keeps changing sleeping positions seeming to not get the perfect comfort while the alarm starts ringing again at 8:10 AM.  Irritatively, the wife starts hitting the forehead of her husband as if imagining to close the alarm clock while sleeping, the husband after getting “splat” on his forehead 4 to 5 times, finally snoozes the alarm. Again the alarm clock buzzes in the next ten minutes, where in irritation the wife pushes her husband off the bed with all her energy. As he with a lot of “struggle” finally shuts the alarm off for good, the wife gets the whole bed to herself and gets fully relaxed with a smile on her face.

With no option, the husband gets up with his laziness still showing, going to the kitchen to make coffee. Finally after so much “struggle” he reaches the kitchen just to realize there is no water in the coffee machine, and as he makes his way to the fridge to notice there is no cold water too. Finally making his way to the sink to get water for the coffee machine he starts to make his morning coffee in his wife’s mug.

The moment he opens the milk to pour, he smells it and realizes it is rotten and throws it in the dustbin. Finally his eyes light up on seeing the Vanilla essence in the fridge that he finally gets his hands on and makes his beautiful morning coffee. The camera takes a slow motion tone when he is about to take his first sip while his wife comes in wishing her good morning and thanking him for making coffee for her as she takes the coffee mug from him. The facial expressions shown at this point of time, the side smirk in front of his wife while the struggling pain he is feeling inside is beautifully enacted.

The movie shows us the daily issues we face in our day to day lives in a comic tone making us laugh and relate to such daily moments and realizing how much “The Struggle” actually is.

Gaurav Dutta is a graduate from Kolkata, schooling from St. josephs college having a passion for writing since childhood and a love for coding and gaming at the same time!


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