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Directed by Pierre-André Le Leuch / Reviewed by Riya Saha

 “The Song of the Sea” is a romantic-comedy fantasy from director Pierre-André Le Leuch about young men who disappear at sea. Pierre-André Le Leuch decided to work on an ancient story that reminded him of a legend from his hometown in Brittany: The myth of a city that was swallowed by the ocean. He applied the thought to this movie.  In a small town of the Celtic coast, an old legend is haunting the inhabitants. Young men disappear at sea. Is it the devil’s work? Or an evil creature’s from the ancient world?

Leon and his friends decide to investigate, even if it means going down the abyss. The film is tempered by a keen eye for composition, and his comic timing makes even the goofiest, broadest jokes and sweetest romance work. Nearly all of the facts of every kind of work.

If you’d told me this is a story of a devil in advance of my viewing of the film, I wouldn’t have believed it. Because the title Song Of The Sea would not let me guess so.

The actors maintain integrity and have incredible acting talent. I cannot ignore the fact the acting on the screenplay is challenging and being able to maintain this kind of balance is surely praiseworthy. I think the toughest role in the Song Of The Sea was for Leon and his friends.

The film is shot in a beautiful location with the establishment shot with a drone. The aesthetic views of the film are breathtaking, it made me lose track of time. Some of the romantic scenes were shot with passion and sure the music does compliment the scenes.

Special mention of the underwater scenes, the mermaids are pretty otherworldly, but the real magic happens when it comes to creating the magical underwater creatures. In these exclusive scenes of them, mermaid I loved the way how those magical underwater moments are made.

The graphics experts who constructed the CGI did a  brilliant job. Breton musicians offered their musical interpretations of the old legend’s traditional melody: The Song of the Sea. The music created the perfect atmosphere in the film scenes, it had set the right tone and mood for the plot moments.

Just by the way the music appeared in the movie, for example, the song sang by the mermaid, one can properly discern the level of drama or genre or atmosphere or mood expected of such a movie or scene.

In the words of the director: “I decided then to write a screenplay, borrow some equipment from University and tell this story that wouldn’t leave my mind, using the local Brittonic language which is much older than Latin.”

The concept, the cinematography, the music, is truly praiseworthy. The Song Of The Sea is the winner of the Druk International Film Festival,  Under The Stars International Film Festival, Bharat International Film Festival, and other awards from renowned film festivals all around the world. And I believe The Song Of The Sea is truly deserving of all the awards.


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