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Mike Sorrinni is the writer of Postcard, a beautiful love story Young Nazi and her Jewish Girlfriend. As the story unrolls Mike Sprinini described how the Proud German soldier abandons everything to save the love of his life. The Postcard is his first screenplay, a period drama titled ‘The Postcard’ which was a finalist in the 2013 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay competition. He soon followed this with “Behind The Wall”, a top 100 finalist selection in the 2015 Hollywood Screenplay contest. Both scripts have been official selections in several film festivals.

Here is the detailed conversation with Mike Sorrinni and how he completed writing Postcard. Hello Mike!

Cult Critic – How did you start screenplay writing? Was there any kind of complications you came across while writing your first screenplay?

Mike – One day I was searching for something I wanted to watch and could not find anything that interested me. I’ve always enjoyed writing so I figured if I can’t find a movie I want to see, maybe I should write it.

Cult Critic – Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult character in your screenplay and how you handled the situation.

Mike – I found difficulty in writing the family Reinhoffs. I am the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, and work closely with a Holocaust survivor in my synagogue’s kitchen. It was emotionally trying to write out what was going on at the time knowing how it ended for many of them.

Cult Critic – Can you give us a brief encounter of a time you had to gather information from multiple sources for Postcard? How did you determine which information was relevant?

Mike – A lot of the interactions that Rudi had with other characters while on duty was something I had to heavily research. Luckily I had several books at my disposal so I could thoroughly research what was happening.

Cult Critic – Tell us about a time when you developed your way of doing things or were self- motivated to finish an important task.

Mike – It was actually around the time I was writing The Postcard, I was frustrated by a bout with writer’s block. A Per driving around for a bit while listening to music I started geQng ideas again. Something about the combination of the two has helped me greatly in all aspects of my life.

Cult Critic – The postcard has a unique storyline; it is not a simple story of .love, rather a story where the protagonist struggles between DUTY AND LOVE. Was it difficult for you to choose the conclusion of the screenplay?

Mike – As a historian and as someone who’s family was greatly effected by the Holocaust it was a struggle to figure out the ending. There were so many aZempts to flee that was met with disaster, but then there were also the ones who go lucky. I thought going with hope would stay with the audience.

Cult Critic – The postcard was a finalist in the 2013 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay competition, what was your reaction then?

Mike – I was shocked to be honest. I felt strongly about my script and the message in it, but to be recognized for it was surreal. It was the first time I’d ever placed for my writing so it definitely remains a proud memory.

Cult Critic – What are the pieces of advice you want to give to the aspiring screenplay writers about organizing, planning, and prioritizing work?

Mike – I would tell them jot down notes about your ideas whenever you get them. To not push themselves to write if the idea is not there. As for prioritizing I’ve always let my words dictate what to work on next.

Cult Critic – Are you planning to direct the screenplay yourself? What are your plans to see your screenplay on screen?

Mike – It would be an honor to be able to direct it, but as long as it makes it to screen I will be quite happy.


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