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Directed by Rosh Rasheed / Reviewed by Riya Saha

Loss of moral commitment in a relationship creates a dent in the relationship, but it is left to each individual to deal with the problem — some may forgive while others may seek divorce. Punishing each other or the lover is unlikely to re-kindle commitment.

THE PORTRAIT directed By Rosh Rasheed deals with infidelity or what the protagonist Sam thinks to be infidelity. Sam and Amy lead a peaceful life.Ram a friend of Amy enters into the plot leading to distress in Sam’s mind. This sparks a sense of doubt in Sam’s mind regarding the relationship between Ram and Amy. A series of confusions and misunderstandings lead to the mental instability of Sam’s mind. The mental and physical conflicts between the three of them lead to the death of Amy.

The story is portrayed so perfectly that one cannot stop watching it till the end. As it is essentially a drama set in the house where sam and Amy stayed and some scenes are shot in the jungle and the last scenes are shot in the hospital. The story comprehends each scene and became a  beautiful movie. THE PORTRAIT  relies totally on a tight script and great acting.

It doesn’t present the characters as simply “bad criminal”, but shows flaws in the characters of both, whilst also playing on the viewer’s prejudices and prompting them to possibly question their ethics.

When it was discovered how Amy the female lead had died, the flippant and nonchalant attitude of Sam was unapologetic. But he had to play his part in the movie.

Alwyn Antony as Sam was flawless and unapologetic in his character – so well done to the writers for creating nuanced and believable characters and storylines.

Oh, what a  start! The sound Effect,  cannot ignore how it started. The sound effects made the movie more eye-catchy and I can surely say that I have not missed a scene.

And like the director said “Anger and outburst” are both factors that contribute to some of the problems that surround us today. In my personal life, I have met many different people and interacted with them and sometimes I have had to deal with many of their problems. One thing I do understand is that if they had not done so at that moment of anger, there would never have been such a problem. They may not admit at first that the mistake they are making with that sudden anger but when it comes to the fact that at the last minute everything is abandoned, they will feel guilty, they will regret it, they will mourn. But by then everything would have been abandoned in a way that could never be rectified. Many such experiences lead to thinking about such a project ( The Portrait)and then developing it.

The Portrait is so engaging, sad about the unusual ending, but it uses suspense at its finest, in this day and age! Brilliant! ACTORS ARE THE BEST!

With a portrait, one gets to see beautiful camera shots and effects. The writing is gripping and the actors bring the characters to life. You are on the edge of the seat throughout. It’s simply put a truly beautiful masterpiece.

Can’t wait to review more of Rosh Rasheed’s upcoming ventures.


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