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Directed By by Andrej Dojkic

The Egg is Directed by Andrej Dojkic based on the short story by Andy Weir (author of the Ridley Scott’s The Martian starring Matt Damon). The main focus of the movie is a man who lost his life in a car accident and his interaction with God. The film is very much a film of time and the theme is of the universal truth “Life and death”.

The topic surely challenging and opens ways of discussions and experience sharing. There is no doubt the, movie is bold and the way the director has portrayed the story with the mesmerizing voice of Ross Huguett, an award-winning voice actor, the atmosphere and the impact of the movie got heightened.

Synopsis of the Film

A man takes a deep breath and wakes up in a cave, not knowing what happened to him. The cave’s surrounding wilderness is distressing and grey. Trying to realize how he got up here, he drags himself to the cold water in the middle of the cave trying to refresh himself. At the other side of the cave, a vivid picture of nature is been revealed to him, followed by sounds from the outside living world. Wildlife in the cave follows him every step and the accompanying bizarre sounds make him feel uneasy. Not able to leave this limbo, all of a sudden the voice of God comes his way and step by step God’s contour as well, not showing His face, providing him with information about life’s crucial moments that leaves him utterly speechless. In a few moments, God sends him toward the cave’s exit into a new form of life.

Director’s note

Oftentimes I’ve heard in my life: use what there is to use in life, you’ve only got one shot in life, don’t waste your time, you’ll regret not having done this or having done that, life is so brief. If time is infinite, then truly life is but a millisecond long and it would be wise to ponder over just how precious our contribution to this millisecond is.

The amazing cinematography of DOP Dario Bajurin, with the content, has an amazing representation of life. The entire movie is set up in a CAVE  which represents the womb and refuge of homo sapiens. The cave can be a shelter, the uterus, a hiding-place, and in my movie, with all these sounds, this darkness, this texture and crudity and cold, it becomes an uncomfortable room for learning, that is to say, a sort of mental purgatory – according to the merits of one’s life as led in this world.

In the movie, there exists a fine line that divides the atmosphere of the cave from that of the beginning of nature as life’s exodus from the uterus into the living space.

Being a debut movie of the director the movie is one of the best indie festivals in Greece. Simple technical tricks help create a magical half-world. Inside the cave, the appearance of God, and the words spoken by him completely reshuffles a  man’s imagination. The actors freeze when he realizes what happened to him and how he was wrong, was the most dramatic sequence in the film. Most impressive is the last scene where God proclaims that he should move on to his next life and he sends him on his way. He questions Why? But God vanishes and he is born as a child.

Final Verdict

The egg is not only an analytical film but also it is stronger on atmosphere and feeling. This film has the most compassionate and emotionally satisfying story to date. A timelessly great film that commands our collective attention, truly a must-watch.


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