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Written by Gary Gananian / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Getting a glimpse into other people’s lives, thoughts and conversations has always been an interest to many. Something about seeing people as their true selves teaches us something about our true selves. ‘The Creator’ does just that. This magnificent short film is here to fulfill our desire and supply its viewers with a peak into the lives of two beautiful lovers and artists.

‘The Creator’ is a short film compiled of 2 shots. That unusual risky choice could have created doll moments, but the director, Gary Gananian, managed to keep our interest as the story progresses from two artists working on their piece to two lovers examining their intimate relationship and the possible prospects their future holds – love and arts wise.

We open the film on an actress rehearsing a beautiful song, but the notes she keeps receiving ruin her ability to perform. The director, who stands behind the camera, keeps it running and joins her as they discuss their work. He chooses to record their discussion and disagreements in the hopes it might make an interesting documentary piece instead.

As the story unfolds it becomes evident that the actress tries to separate their relationship from their art, but the director wraps them together. This becomes abundantly clear as the director states he doesn’t know how to do anything else besides art. Without realizing his truth is coming between them, he allows himself to open up about his ambitions. By doing so his partner/the actress gets the answers she needed in order to make her own choice.

‘The Creator’ deals with love, honesty and creation, and the combination of all three, or at least the attempt to combine them. The film is raw and real, and thus manages to get away with the slower pacing it carries.

The cinematographer, Rodrigo Prata, succeeded in creating the illusion that the camera is operated by the actors at all times. As if they are the ones to choose how and what they want to expose, and when. In order to mimic the camera being controlled by the actors, the shots and movements tend to stay on the same angle for long periods of time. This allows us to examine the space and see what the apartment has to say about its residents. Although it did a fine job creating a rehearsal space, I do wish the apartment would have had more richness to it and perhaps suggested another level of information. Something to hint where the couple is internally or how they used to be in better days.

Having said that, I must praise the actors for their strong performances. Their expressions and chemistry elevated the experience and kept me intrigued throughout. Carol Cavesso, who played the actress, captured my attention and displayed non-stop charisma. Vitor Vieira, who played the director, supplied us with honest and canning moments that created tension and conflict. His understanding of himself combined with his inability for self-awareness was fascinating. Gananian’s subtle and delicate directing choices paid off.

The music, carried out by Carol Cavesso, was an opportunity to see inside the actress’ soul and understand the undertone of the film. The choice of songs, combined with a well-planned camera work, deepened the scene and the understanding of what’s to come. ‘The Creator’ is a tragic tale about staying true to who you are, while missing out on the one you love. It’s relatable, smart and entertaining. And during this challenging year, a fun distracting relief is always a blessing.


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