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Directed by srividhya c mouli /Reviewed by Biplab Das

The Change is a film about the pandemic-hit world. It’s monologue of a writer who is disturbed by the pandemic. She is fearful about the fact that how people will communicate in a world that is hidden behind masks. This short film is a social commentary of a world that we currently live in. It is really interesting to see how a writer thinks of the pandemic-hit world. The film shows how the world has change and also how some things have remained same.  

It is short film that everyone can now connect. There is a universal appeal to the story. This makes the film really good to watch. However, I believe this film is intended for the adults, especially who are aware of the creative process. However, it is a story of every individual who are going through this pandemic. I believe people from different parts of the society will accept this film. The best part of this film is its simplicity which audience will love.

The Change is a film by Srividhya C Mouli who also has written the film. Actors such as Manasi, Krithkeyan, Himadhyuti, Sancia, Shri Rakshita, Dhivashree, Divyasri, Denim, Harish, Nanditha played their part. However, the entire film has been told through a voice over. The writer, the protagonist of the film, tells to the audience what she feels about human interaction during the pandemic time. It is her observations which form the opinions of the film. Considering the size of the film, the film is really well-shot and edited. It’s a 4+ minute long short film that primarily deals with the thoughts of a writer.

Though the film revolves around a writer but it is not a film on the life of a writer. It is a film where a writer is disturbed and intrigued how people are going to interact in a pandemic-hit world. There is no such story in the film but a monologue. The monologue keeps the film united. However, in the voice over there is a story. The story starts with despair but ends with a happy note. The hope for a more unified world has been showed in the film. There is an Indian flavor also in the film. It talks about the life of Indians under the pandemic.

The short also talks about the struggle of a writer who is worried about how people will interact with each other in a pandemic hit world. However, at the end of the film she gets the answer. Apart from writing, the film also talks about the creative life of a photographer who is also in search of his muse. The creator-muse relationship has also been portrayed in the film.

I would like to give the film 3 stars out of 5. The film brings a sense of hope to everyone. The film gives importance to the idea that people shouldn’t lose hope. People should interact with each other in order to live a happy life. The director of the film thinks it is the creativity that will unite everything.


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