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Written by Lawrence Chandam / Reviewed by Riya Saha

Set in the exotic location of Manipur The bird Sing is a 3 minutes long film about a compassionate young boy and his mother, who tries to shield him from learning that life is transient. Directed by Lawrence Chandam ‘Naawa Seidum: The Bird Song’ is his second film which explains how a mother protect the child through words that the child could believe.

One day the young child brings a dead bird to his mother. The mother takes the bird and wraps it up and leaves it at a safe place to perish. After they come back home, the child asks his mother why she left the bird there? She answers that she needs to be by her mother, and the child understands just like he is with his mother the bird is also with its loved one. He next day when the kids go to find the bird it did not find it there and thought that it really went to its mother and happily goes away top play.

For a life to be valuable, or meaningful, it needn’t be unique. Lack of faith leads some people to unnecessarily see their lives as insufficiently meaningful and to miss ways of enhancing meaning in life. In this short movie, we see how a mother shapes the ideals of a child by simply assigning a value to what already has happened and how we should accept them.

By thinking differently if we can recognize purpose in our lives. The Bird Song is a short 3 minutes movie but it explicitly explains its value.

The mother plays her perfect role in making situations easy for the child with her easy answers. She believes that nothing matters given the immensity of the universe and the brevity of our lives. But this assumes our purpose is fixed, rigid and assigned externally, and not flexible or a product of the mind.

There is no doubt that life is short and therefore —fitness, family, financial success, academic accomplishment—is all fine and good, yet we should add something meaningful, in our life.

Pursuing goals is significant therefore, being a mother guiding the child in the true path is also required. As a mother protecting the children is her first task, and thus the mother performs her duty. I believe this movie can set a strong example for the mothers who want to give the best education to their children.

Socrates’ a famous Greek philosopher from Athens said “I would venture to say that the unexamined life has no meaning.” So, take examples from real-life and present it in the most positive note in front of the children so that they can learn.

Coming to performance both the key cast Manda LeimaKey and Kabrabam Shinheiba were simply great in the roles of mother and the child. I loved the innocent looks of the child actor and the way he manged the dialogues. Absolutely brilliant!

The bird song really sets an example of our inconsistent life and how we can shape it beautifully to our children and protect them. Of course, they will come to know everything, but at the right time. Kudos to the director for such a beautiful short!


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