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The Alliance 2, The Hunt for Breeze | Screenplay



Written by Robert L Butler Jr

‘The Alliance 2, The Hunt for Breeze’ by Robert L Butler Jr comes after a very successful first feature that followed four drug dealers who called for a truce and formed an Alliance. After 20 years of peace, one member was forced to kill the others.

In the sequel, family ties are revealed when an old enemy resurfaces and seeks revenge.

The current script begins with the abduction of a man for information purposes. The man recaps the murders that preceded, and offers a crucial piece of the puzzle – the identity of the man who ordered the murders. This new information gets the kidnapper’s attention, aka Majesty, and ignites the second part of a thrilling story.

The feud between the different players goes back a decades Breeze, the man all are searching for, explains the drug related grudge and bloodshed, to his associate, a woman known as ‘Chocolate’. As Breeze delves into story we are sent back in time and see how it all transpired.

After marrying into the drug business and landing in prison due to a close friend who cooperated with the DEA, Breeze’s dad bought his freedom by taking down Breeze’s mom. The irony of the story was that despite all of his plans, he never got control of the family drug organization. Now, years later, Breeze and Chocolate, whose daughter was kidnapped, unite forces. The two want to solve the mystery, find Chocolate’s daughter and their friend Samantha, who was also taken. Breeze learns there’s a $5M bounty on his head and while he and chocolate try to piece it all together, Majesty finds their location and sends his people over.

The two manage to survive the attack and make it out, barely. They find out Majesty is the brother of a man Breeze killed, and Breeze figures he wants revenge for his brother, but also for the 15 tons of coke Breeze took. He speculates a few drug families hold Majesty accountable for the missing drugs, and finding Breeze will help Majesty clear his name. Breeze understands Majesty killed his allies in order to get to him and the two groups prepare for a bloody battle.

Who will win? At what cost? And how will it all end? You’ll have to read to find out…

This screenplay is packed with action, drama and tension. Robert L Butler Jr created a fascinating dog eat dog world where the reader is immediately thrown into a journey complied of ruthless killing and vengeance. The past spills into the future and every decision comes with a heavy price. In this world, power rules and the losers lose their lives. Butler Jr. crafted daring, goal oriented and cutthroat characters that exemplify the meaning of relentlessness and fierceness. The beauty is most of them have a soft spot, which serves as their Achilles’ heel and exposes them to trouble. Hence. The drama intensifies.

Having said all that, the screenplay format could use some more work, and the writing itself could benefit from a more fluent picturesque style that will help the reader sense the great atmosphere the writer set up.

‘The Alliance 2, The Hunt for Breeze’ is a great exciting read and after the first film’s success, we’ll have to wait and see when the talented writer turns this screenplay into his next feature. Can’t wait.


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