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The 13TH


Directed by Chris Hastings | Review by Rimute Terra Budreviciute

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] 13th is a movie about a young man who comes to a small Island in Greece in order to find out the truth about his heritage and his long, lost family. It’s a story of hope, horror and change. The 13TH is somewhere in the medium between being a hard-horror film and becoming one of the underground cult classics.

The 13TH in it’s nature is not complex: it has a cast of about four main actors, a simple arc for the viewer to follow, good cinematographic choices and exquisite score. It is an experience like no other: original and unforgettable, yet somewhere close to home. It is a movie that has this effect on an audience that is very relatable. You watch ‘The 13TH’ and you can feel the strong influences from modern classics, such as The Conjuring or Insidious, but it is also reminiscent of oldies – The Exorcist or even the all-time classic, Psycho. It is an excellent blend of horror genre, spiritualism and questions of morality.

The one major setback ‘The 13TH’ has is the performance of its lead actor, Kurtis Stacey. While the young actor definitely tries his best to encapsulate the complicated character of Christopher, he has yet much to learn. Most memorable performance comes from Richard Symms who plays Frank. Other performances also fail to dazzle the screen, with occasional small talent, coming out of the young actors. They definitely have room to grow, but they all seem to appreciate the art.

The one thing that is definitely to be praised in ‘The 13TH’ is directing. Chris Hastings evidently has an eye for his shots and a sense of pace that is unlike any other. His approach is unique and very fresh. It was a nice watch.

Overall, while ‘The 13TH’ isn’t perfect, it’s definitely a great story with good directing and cinematography, some not-too-bad performances and excellent score.



Rimute Terra Budreviciute is a filmmaker, actress and singer from Lithuania. She has been a part of numerous stage and TV musicals in her home country. She is a graduate of Alytus Music School and has been a member of pop group “O Lia Lia” for 3 years before coming out to United States to study acting at American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since then she has been working on multiple short films and plays.



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