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Directed by Mimi Garaad/ Reviewed by Provesha Pyne

The director of “TH SR” Second Version, Mimi Garaad brings forth a film that is so exquisite and beautiful, revolutionizing dance and everything mainstream about it.

Mimi Garaad’s film on digitized dance is revolutionary and experimental in nature. Taking on a new approach to dance, Mimi showcases her creativity and her openness to embrace striking, poignant solos with intense expressions and artful, demonstrative movements. The audience experiences strong emotions that stem from the hypnotic music and trance-inducing visuals.

The artist, dancer, soloist, seems entranced, captivated and transfixed. He is lost in the rich harmony that envelops him.

Garrard uses digital tactics to transform dance as we know it. Her choreography is outstanding. We understand it is the birth of a new art form. Garaad displays her creativity and explores artistic flourishes that are absolutely brilliant. Her choreography consists of subtle movements that are gentle yet highly expressive. The style is loose with great emphasis on exercising the limbs and muscles. Bodily movement is accentuated, with long, unrestricted and flexible actions.

The repetition of movements is central to the film. Garrard’s soloist brings to the table various expressions that speak volumes. It seems that he attempts to follow a line of thought that takes him to a different dimension altogether.

The choreography sees the dancer portray a series of slow and quick movements alike. He is clad in a loose-fitting animal print two-piece. This image resonates with the viewer showcasing the dance movements being primal and hedonistic yet gentle and chilled.

Some images felt like there were several clones of him scattered about; all replicating the same dance movements, harmoniously. It speaks of an existence that can no longer be found in the real world; a portrayal of peace and tranquility.

“TH SR” Second Version is a brilliant piece of work, calling attention to the patron of art that is Mimi Garrard. Her work is thoughtful, heavy on meaning and highly dramatic. Her work provides thoughtful, provocative images for the viewer to feed on. Garaad makes sense of abstract, repetitive movements of the dancer casting them in bizarre and outlandish patterns.


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