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Written by Dhiraj Bakshi

The title is long but the story is simple. You can guess from the title that it is a love story. It is a typical Bollywood style romantic story. There are moments in the film that evokes the romantic side of a person. Barring romance, the film also has other elements that can attract anybody. The interesting characterization is another highlighting point of this film. People can easily develop a relationship with the film. The simplicity in storytelling helps to create such a bond. It is like a journey that each and every person wants to take for sure.

To put it simply, the film is a romantic comedy. It is romance drama that can take place anywhere. The setting of this film makes the drama attractive. The script is written in such way that it fits into pace and gives expression to each characters. The film has some fun as well as serious elements. The film is full of conflict and the plot continually pushes boundaries by raising stakes. The conflict present in the film makes it dramatic too. For instance, there is a screen where Radhika daughter of Yami commits suicide because she got fewer marks in her exams. She jumps into a river filled crocodiles but was saved on time. If we go one describing this scene it guides the audience to know how a teenager can feel when she is over depressed. Her decision is wrong despite being made understood by her friend that she can score good marks on the next exam. Followed by upcoming scenes how she was saved, and what went through her parents while she was undergoing treatment.

Written and directed by Dhiraj Bakshi. He has put all the human elements in the story such as love, hatred, child-parent understanding etc. The flow and originality in the story makes the film worth watching. Characters are well portrayed; emotions of the characters have very well worked on.  The multifaceted writing embedded the elements like love, mental health, and awareness.

Tere Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahin is a romantic drama that focuses on the life of Yami Gautam and revolves around her friends and family. It is a flashback story starts with teenage girls enjoying on school beach. Whether it’s Yami and her best friends or Radhika (Yami’s daughter) and her friends, Film takes you on a tour to your teenage days and revives all your nostalgic memories also it bring you to hard reality depression being one of the reality used in film and finds way to deal with each of the issues. The story being the strength of the film gives the characters a perfect role to play. The film has been executed properly and turns into one of the most beautiful and well-accepted romantic feature film.

The way Tere Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahin is enthusiastic. The unique approach in storytelling catches film enthusiast’s attention. The dialogues of the film are not only bold but great too. The film provides insights and information about the characters’ decisions, choices, motivations, obstacles, and goals. Each scene has a well-established strong arc, clear objectives, and an event or action that moves the film forward.  

I like to rate the film really high. It is an absolute masterpiece. As an audience, you’ll like to watch the film again and again. The story is attention-grabbing. It contains a solid ticking clock and hooks people. All the scenes have a complete arc—a solid beginning, middle, and end. The journey of the characters drives the script’s narrative, and each scene steers their journey forward. Each scene makes the narrative clear through both dialogue and visual storytelling. I could easily imagine the scenes taking place.


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