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Superior Being: The Mystery Thickens



Directed by Jaroslaw Gogolin

The 5th part of Superior Being is as invigorating as the previous parts. The mystery in the storytelling makes this one also interesting. The film is a thriller that tells a story of a concentration camp. The mystery is weaved in such a way that in every single moment the story unfolds in a different way.

Those who are interested in holocaust should watch this. The details present in the film is really dense and worth appreciating. However, this doesn’t mean the film is a documentary type. The film gives you a complete cinematic experience. It is one such cinema that stays with you even after you watch it. Although the subject of the film is made for the adult audience but it can be watched by everyone.

The writer of the film Jaroslaw Gogolin is based on London. He is working as a writer/director since 2014. Till date, he has written and filmed 10 shorts and one feature film.  For his short film, ‘Weedomania’ he received an award in 2016. In 2017, he produced and directed his first feature film “Once upon a time on All Hallows’ Eve”. It was also a thriller. In 2020, he wrote two more feature scripts, Superior Being: Smokeless Fire and Superior Being: Stardust.  In January 2020, he also finished his short film: “Requiem for the Living” which has got already, 3 official selections, 1 final and 8 Award Winner.

The moot point of the film is that someone is in wrong time and place? Entangled like an insect in a cobweb’s trap? No matter! She is their strength and power is the knowledge that surpasses many folds the whole human intelligence. It may seem to you bit confusing but the film is really easy for eyes.

The film gives an account of Poland during the Second World War. The film highlights the pain of the people in World War II. It may seem to you that the film is another attempt to portray the horrors of World War II.

The movie will excite you all the time. The thrill in the film makes the film worth watching. I would like to give 4 stars out of 5. The film has all the materials that you can expect from a feature length film. The film takes you to the world that we all know somehow but this time in a different way.


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