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Directed by Jaroslaw Gogolin  / Reviewed by Riya Saha

“Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival… a survival of a hugely remote period when…consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes in forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity… forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds…” – Algernon Blackwood

Written by Jaroslaw Gogolin the screenplay Superior Being: Smokeless Fire is a military drama mystery which is to an extent handled in all honesty. Ewa is dressed in a Polish uniform, looks in her 30’, medium-length blond hair, blue eyes, a slim and pretty woman. She is psychologists assigned the case by Colonel STEFAN KUS which at superficial level looks like is the open and shut case but the layers keep getting peeled and she unravels the mystery with passing time. A case about whether army personnel has mentally sick or not is the overall premise of the story.

It won’t be surprised if I say that each of the parts of the screenplay is extremely grabbing. Take for instance the beginning “Once it appears in the form of a bird’s shadow, then it changes into the shape of a dog’s shadow to finally try to take the shadow of a human. There are no clear features or details of the human body. It is just like a blurred human shadow on the wall. Without a face, eyes, etc. and the blurry shape which itself is also obscured by the swirling dust around it. The shape of the human again turns into the shape like a shadow of other animals first into a bird, then into a dog, and another horned animal difficult to recognize.

The screenplay is a  perfect mix of mystery which is very hard to crack but it is so well scripted that you are at the edge of your mind and willing to unleash the mystery. The reasons are quite apt and realistic which connects to you well. As said earlier, it is just not about finding the culprit, the beauty lies in how it is presented and makers have achieved it with perfection.

The beauty of the script unrolls when the screenplay mentions the activity of the Jinns and most of the people are afraid of them more than the Taliban and you are bound to check out the next page.

No unnecessary drama is added which keeps you glued to your screenplay. Jaroslaw Gogolin is brilliant in his screenplay writing, he has mentioned his ideas on how each of the shots will be taken and surely I cannot wait to see the screenplay goes onboard.

The characters too are aptly described and if performed with perfection this is going to be one of the major award-winning independent movies. The music must match with the narrative as the audio makes the mystery films more Cathy.

 This screenplay is binge review worthy and I can bet that as a reader I can picture every scene. There were no laybacks in the screenplay, it was interesting till the end. Can’t wait to see it turn into a film.


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