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Directed by Jaroslaw Gogolin / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

In ‘Superior Being’ part 2, we return to our quiet Polish town and reunite with our loved characters from ‘Superior Being Part 1’. It has been three months since we left Ed, Mark and Adam, our new favorite mystical creature. Things have relatively calmed down and the town life went back to normal. Meanwhile, Mark has switched his full-time employment to part time and now spends his days writing horror stories for a magazine. Little did he know that soon enough he will find himself living in one.

‘Superior Being’ part 2 opens on a satanic cult preparing to commit a worshiping ritual which includes animal sacrifice. The worshipers are intoxicated and can barely function, but try to complete the ceremony. As we worry for the fate of their soon to be victim, we get surprised by a different kind of horror. One that sends our stand-up police officers investigating.

As Ed, Mark and Anna, another police officer, attempt to solve the horrifying case, they get help from an unexpected source – Adam. Adam spends his days in the town outskirts, trying to stay under people’s radar, but as he struggles to feed himself, he turns to Mark for help. This plea ends up creating a true brave friendship that will later save Mark’s life.

The writer, Jaroslaw Gogolin, takes us on a quest into goth culture, satanic rituals, mystical beings and cruel murders. The twists and turns are wonderful and will keep you wanting more.

However, many key questions remained unanswered in both parts. Various story lines don’t reach fruition and the characters could benefit from further development. I do wish the two parts would have been combined into one, thus increasing the tension and panic surrounding the killer’s identity while heightening the mystery and fear of Adam.

By the end of part 2 we still don’t understand what mystical being Adam really is, and how the uniform he was buried in relate to his identity and the era he’s from. We are however introduced to his special abilities, but receive no further explanation as to who he was, what he is and what he’s capable of. Perhaps the writer is saving the juicy details for a 3rd part and will present a new mystery while also answering the burning questions.

The beauty of the script lies in the deep brave friendship build between Mark and Adam. One that overcomes fear, law and even reason. They step up when they are needed and prove their true worth. Even Ed, who has always been the sarcastic pessimist, changes and with Adam’s help, he can finally see a better future for himself. It is especially moving after we learn more about Ed’s past and the difficulties he endured. Letting go of anger, insult and hurt can sometimes feel impossible. You can be triggered, lose sleep over it and even let it run your life. So, when we see Ed trusting Adam with his mind and allowing Adam to help him overcome his personal trauma, we actually see Adam’s acceptance into society. Adam goes from a terrifying wanted suspect, to a trustworthy companion.

As the story progresses, other sideline characters surprise us and threaten the town’s safety. The mystery continues growing and despite the supposedly peaceful resolution, the writer leaves us with yet another surprise. One that will threaten the town and our characters’ wellbeing once more. I’m seriously looking forward to reading and finding out what the future holds for Adam, Mark and Ed as they go on their next adventure.


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