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Suivez la Fleche (Follow the Arrow)

Written, Directed, and Produced by Marc Saez’ | Review by Elena Haas

Some Love Affairs are outside the bounds of reason. Marc Saez ‘s “Follow the Arrow” (Suivez la Fleche) is a refreshing take on the unexpected. Being a long-time lover of thrillers and romances; mystery rising from the crossing of these genres raised the ante for me. From the opening credits, the hunt is on and “Follow the Arrow” lures you through corridors of intrigue dripping with passion.

At points, you wonder who is being pursued and who is the pursuer.

Jean-Marie Lamour delivers a notable performance as Bruno, riding the lines of this short film that toys between Romance and Thriller. He’s acted in such films as The Tourist (2010), Swimming Pool (2003), and Sous le Soleil (1996).

In “Follow the Arrow” Bruno is a man of intensity with the physique of collected desire and focused charm.

Moving from the boredom of an evening sitting alone to the coy banter of a meeting, Véronique Picciotto, as Sonya, brings to the screen understated grace and formidable seduction. The flickering of intelligence and desire in her eyes is contrasted by her flight from being pursued.

The two face-off as the cinematography, by Sebastian Naar, plays with darkness and light like the great artists that drew meaning from shadows and illuminated physiques that provoke awe.

What’s more:

The gritty, sensuality of the movie is embodied in the selective art direction of the film.

Thanks to Composer, Sebastian Naar, and Sound Editor, Vincent Villa, the sound design is interwoven skillfully transitioning from fear to the quest for seduction of the soul —

The kind that draws you in breathless with the wonder and danger of it all and layers the voices of an angelic choir underscored with the pulse of an ominous threat.

Claude DuVauchelle rich paintings come onto the screen with contorted figures, muscles flexed in compositions that draw one into a sense of uncommon beauty and danger.

The pacing of the film leaves the story tight and the audience waiting.
writer-Director-Producer Marc Saez weaves a short story as beguiling as it is provoking, leaving you guessing until the end credits roll.

Watch closely or the twists in the tale may leave you hanging. Saez’ takes you for a truly enjoyable ride and may just leave you breathless.

“Follow the Arrow” was first premiered at Max Linde and is Marc Saez’ first short film. It has garnered notable awards internationally, winning nine in the USA and among its many trophies, additionally earned the Prestige Gold Award in Direction and the Prestige Gold Award for a Short Film in 2013.

Within the desire and unknown of this twisted story, I can picture the accomplished Marc Saez’ himself saying the line of his character Bruno, “maybe this is our only chance to exchange beautiful thoughts and redefine the world.”

When the perils of sensual connection await, will you take the risk?

You have 13 minutes to decide.

Elena Haas is the CEO of Elena Corynn, LLC and Illuminate at the Night Pictures, enjoys the Pacific Northwest as her home, and the world as her muse. A lover of languages and different points of view, Haas is a film producer, known most recently for “The Autumn Waltz” and has award-winning films screened in festivals around the U.S. Her experience stretches beyond two decades from music to costuming, theater, acting and producing. She’s published in Enfolio and holds a Digital Film Degree.


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