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Film reviews are often written for the general audience by journalists or other non-academics and published in newspapers, magazines, or online around the time the film is shown in theatres. The study, interpretation, and judgment of a film in terms of historical context, theory, or technical analysis are known as film criticism.

After film festivals, getting yourself a movie review is one of the best ways to promote your movie. A filmmaker can insert quotes from a movie critic, and it will instantly add your film extra value. This validation also helps with film distribution in the future.

Approaching to IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes can be a great idea, considering their word value, but it is not always possible. Among a sea of films submitted every day there, an independent film will barely be noticeable on their website. That’s why there is CULT CRITIC® film magazine.


Cult Critic Film Magazine is a monthly digital publication that concentrates on the art and business of independent filmmaking. Specifically designed as a digital conduit for indie and art house filmmakers. In conjunction with HLC’s international film festivals, it provides emerging art houses and indie filmmakers with media and public exposure.

Winning filmmakers benefit from the additional attention provided by the magazine, which enhances their overall experience, resume, and professional development. Cult Critic is also a source for interviews, technical tips, and historical exposés on groundbreaking artists and their accomplishments in the industry.

Why cult critics are worthy?

The movie reviewers of Cult Critic are not some random people, giving their unsolicited opinions on something, they know absolutely nothing about. The critics of this magazine come from different corners of the globe. Every one of them is academically and professionally qualified to review a film. Each of them is very successful in the media industry. Sometimes the editor-in-chief herself reviews a film. The reviews of this film magazine are accredited by IMDb; so, one can estimate its word value.

In its long-running years, it has reviewed almost 100+ films, and each filmmaker has benefitted from the reviews. The reviews also provide the films the boon of longevity.

What is there for readers?

  • The reviews will help you go into the details
  • Save money by knowing pre-handed what to watch and what not to
  • Avoid time wasting on watching bad movies.
  • Explore new films
  • Expand your movie taste.

As you may have noticed, Cult Critic Film Magazine is beneficial for not only filmmakers but also cinephiles who are keen on exploring new films. So have a little faith on or words and submit your film to our magazine, so that our qualified personnel can review your film.


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