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The following interview was conducted by Cult Critic for Kelly LaCombe, a realistic and passionate screenplay writer from the United States. Kelly LaCombe works as an independent screenplay writer. Her clear, interesting, precise, vivid images help the reader fall deeper into the heart of the story. They draw them in by piquing their interest and making them feel they are part of a unique world.

Therefore, here is our conversation with the talented Kelly LaCombe.

Cult Critic – What do you think is the best part of StarPeople: Our Evolution?

Kelly – The best part about StarPeople:Our Evolution is that anybody can have a sixth sense experience; itʼs relatable.

Cult Critic – You say that StarPeople: Our Evolution is based on a  true story. What inspired you to write a  film script on this?

Kelly – I was inspired by my own experiences, and the fact that people are afraid of encounters and sixth sense experiences.

Cult Critic – Tell me about effective project arrangements or outlines which you planned.

Kelly – I never had an outline, just lists compiled from journals and notes on my experiences.

Cult Critic – Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult character in this script and how you handled the situation.

Kelly – My critics say Elle should be more frightened. She was, but she gains a lot of strength and feels divinely protected as the years go by, angels, God, Jesus, Sakya gurus, Ganesh…to name a few.

Cult Critic – Tell us how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.

Kelly – The story is mostly linear with some flashbacks, but the events take us out of time completely. Each event builds her spiritual character and stamina for other dimensional contact. There is a priority to which events are included, and she is always a human, rooting for Hu- man…a very curious entropic species with divine abilities.

Cult Critic – Your most recent screenplay, StarPeople: Our Evolution, is beautifully explained with the shots and transition effects. Can you talk about how you plan each of the scenes?

Kelly – The scenes show relayed events even when using flashbacks; itʼs related to contact experiences or spiritual experiences.I did gather from multiple journals and notes. I had to prioritize what has the greatest impact; what lessons were most important and experiences most trans-formative.

 Cult Critic – Share an example of a time you had to gather information from multiple sources. How did you determine which information was relevant?

Kelly – I ran my own contact group for a Pitt a year. Because I wanted to give people a place to talk about God, Jesus, Ganesh or any being they had contact with, not just Grey Aliens who negate God or even any other ET life forms.This actually opened up a new line of thinking within the community; new thought. I also participated in a major study about contact. I have met many people, both intentionally and unintentionally who confirmed my beliefs and experiences or added to the landscape of possibility. I ate on the run a lot and and went without sleep because it was so important to understand our divine potential.

Cult Critic – Would you mind to share with us an example when you willingly took on additional responsibilities or challenges? How did you successfully meet all of the demands of these responsibilities?

Kelly – So far, I prefer true story genre but I would love to join a team of sci fi writers. I love to evoke possibility and transformation. Building alien landscapes intrigued me…but I have a StarPeople 2 in me still.

Cult Critic – Do you have a genre that you prefer to write in? Can you speak about the differences between the genres?

Kelly – Always put yourself in your writing…your thoughts and feelings…your memories of the senses, and go off on a tangent ! You will rewrite! So be daring in your draft!


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