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Directed by pranav kothary/ Reviewed by Biplab Das

Soon is about longing for hope even at the time of separation. Directed by Pranav Kothary, Soon celebrates the importance of a happy parting. The film starts when Em, an aspiring musician in his mid-20s, is forced to move. Em looks disoriented and was unable to concentrate on creating music. The mess in his room reflects his mental state which is also cluttered and unorganized. He is interrupted when his girlfriend Lisa enters the room. Her entry somehow breaks the Em’s loosely-stringed chain of thoughts. Lisa’s charm and glow make Em recollect himself and start packing things again. It seems he becomes completely forgetful that he was making music. Lisa begins the conversation with a friendly banter which pisses Em off. He starts an argument with Lisa who seems quite enjoying it. Lisa takes the conversation further. She becomes more philosophical about people and life in general. It seems Em didn’t inform Lisa about leaving New York, making Lisa astonished. But she never loses her cool. On the other hand, the near-future separation with Lisa leaves little impact on Em’s behavior. The banter between two goes on. Lisa reminds Em that he is a signed artist and she is also happy about it. She requests him to sing the song that Lisa has composed. Em starts playing piano and Lisa starts singing.

The song is titled as Soon. It talks about love, friendship, memory, and separation. But it also reiterates the importance of hope; the hope of meeting a loved one soon. The song somehow instills the happiness of meeting someone very special in the future amidst the sadness. The film plants the idea of a happy future based on beautiful past memories. The light and texture of the film, partnered with Em’s mental state make the film looks grim. However, the occasional interference from Lisa changes the mood of the film. Lisa brings happiness and hopes while Em looks lost.

Soon portrays the psychological distance between two individuals who at once were friends. Both understand their psychological gulf but deep down somewhere both want a happy future. The instant bond they create while singing the song reveals that nothing has lost. However, they need their ‘me’ time- a time when they introspect their past. Soon pens the importance of memory in our life- both in physical and psychological space. In the film, Em is not only changing his physical space, but also psychological state.

Director Pranav Kothary grew up in Mumbai and studied Film and TV at NYU Tisch. He has written and directed several shorts films. He is committed to telling small and intimate stories like Soon. It seems he enjoys milking with different emotions. Soon, he grouped the different pieces of memory to create elusive but much-needed happiness.


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