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Directed by Deeptanshu Sinha  |  Review by Ananya Jana

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]eeptanshu Sinha is a B.Sc. graduate in Filmmaking with specialization in Direction from Whistling Woods International, India. He is currently pursuing his passion for filmmaking at Vancouver Film School, Canada. His films portray out of the box visionary ideas with true to life characters. They are made on a large visual scale and are designed for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Creating an erotic melodrama movie is an extremely delicate matter. There is a thin line between erotic’s and struggle, and an even thinner divide between a touching dramatic story and a clichéd nagging for attention. This is a masterpiece of the struggle of an army that makes you want to re-watch over and over again.

On the positive side, the movie has a very strong moral view, which is supplemented by some very strong elements, including important positive references to the entire Soldier and their mental dilemma. The movie is preachy about these things; however, the emphasis is on action and personal relationships.

Some minor negative elements take the edge off the movies positive qualities. The movie does not mention evolution; however, the soldier Aditya acknowledges the commander speech at least once and by joining back for the people of the city. The short film is basically about Aaditya and the soldiers who dedicated everything to their nations. Everyone will have a chance to choose their career without any struggle, but no one gives very good health, dress, discipline, and promotion except their dedication of works. Soldiers are the only people who always stand for their nation. The hero Aditya somehow falls within the situation where he has to have chosen to stay in the coma or come back to the part of reality, the truth of saving the nations of people which he promised to fulfill. It’s difficult to balance personal and professional for a soldier because along with his family he promised to save his nation’s people.

There are dramatic scenes, which bound to make the audience think what the movie wants to tell. And between the emotional climaxes, endless minutes of the heroine gazing hopelessly at Aaditya, the object of her dilemma the director beautifully shows. It is a new version of the short film which bound to make people think; people would fall asleep and connect them with the situation because it was made into the life of solider that everyone can see it on their own terms. Enjoy the visuals, the slow hypnotic pace, and the story that meanders to a tragic and hopeful end.

It’s the dashing camerawork and broad historical awareness of soldier’s that makes it a truly sophisticated action film, enough quality action, and surprises to keep it interesting. A great story that’s the reason the film always gets everyone excited.

Ananya Jana finished her master degree in Journalism and mass communication. She is the event coordinator. She loves to explore different genres of movie. She is a passionate writer and believes that real writing equals authentical writing without the veneer and excuses in order to reach the audience at a heart level. She believes that when she writes she comes alive and the energy zaps. Her passion for writing focuses on character-driven plotlines.

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