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Scaredy cat


Directed by Sumit Singh  | Review by Arindam Bhunia

[dropcap]IT[/dropcap]  started thousand years ago; by degrees ‘IT’ has generated and today ‘IT’ has become a rare immedicable disease. ‘IT’ is nothing but the ‘division’ in our caste system, ‘division’ in our culture, ‘division’ in every aspect of our society, ‘division’ in our workplace and finally ‘IT’  has triumphed over our mindset also.  SCAREDY CAT is an outstanding display of this chronic disease. In this award-winning film the director Sumit Singh exposes to view how the system of segregation has engulfed in our workplace.

The story begins with Tom who lives in a society where people are divided into two classes, dominant totalitarian cats and subservient mice. Telemarketer Tom belongs to the subservient mice group. Domination and unethical supremacy of cat belonged people have ruined Tom’s world, especially in his office. Bit by bit the hatred and fear towards the cat belonged people becomes a phobia for him. Tom starts doing absurd, ridiculous and groundless behavior to his friends and colleagues. But nothing could overcome his fears to the cats. At last, Tom takes an extreme step to become free from this system.

No society or nation has been immune to discrimination, either as victim or victimizer. The more extreme forms of discriminatory practices include genocide, slavery, legislated discrimination, discriminatory immigration laws, and disenfranchisement.  The world we live in has been struggling with this sensitive subject for years and it produces immense effects in the psychological, social, political, and economic domains. Whether intended or not, the effects are compounded by the loss of self-worth, a sense of alienation from the wider society, political disempowerment, and economic inequalities. Prejudice and ethnic hostilities constitute a major danger to peace both within a nation and among nations.

It is a very bold step to select such an arguable issue and in this case director, Sumit Singh undoubtedly passed with a distinction. The performances throughout the film are gripping, particularly the main character gives very convincing portrayals of the grief and fear in his character go through – one wonders what director might have put his cast through to get such fantastic acting. Screenplay and sound quality was absolutely perfect. Discrimination and segregation is wrong because it is selfish and throughout the world today occurs to many extremes. SCAREDY CAT is not just a film it is a silent protest against cast and segregation system of the society, it is not a flawless movie, but it is definitely a moving and riveting movie experience which remains in the mind for a long time.


Cult Critic: Arindam BhuniaArindam Bhunia is a marketing manager in an MNC with more than eight years of work experience in electrical field. Apart from his corporate job, he has interest in cultural activities so he joined Human Lab Corporation as Chief Executive Officer. He oversees strategic planning for film, television and video game production, marketing and distribution for the company’s business verticals worldwide. He is also responsible for overseeing finance, legal, labour relations, technology and HLC Studio operations.


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