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Directed by Joseph Neuman/ Reviewed by Provesha Pyne

Here is a delightful little film bundled into 7 minutes and 4 seconds. We are given a glimpse into the life of Kara who is struggling to find herself after breaking up with her boyfriend Kevin. After a seven-year long relationship, Kara is muddled and confused about where she stands.

The film is whimsically comedic. Kara meets her friend in a bar and is convinced to accompany him to an acting class to boost her confidence. She is visibly confused but agrees up to go to the acting class anyway. The class is where the main action of the film takes place. It is also where she confronts her boyfriend and emerges victorious.

Lisa Christine Holmberg as Kara, is insecure and contemplating where she is in life. Throughout the film we see Kara on a journey towards self-discovery. Joseph Neuman presents the film in a new light. None of the scenes seem heavy or serious. There is a frivolous tone to the scenes and this is highlighted in the acting class. The film focuses on finding yourself after a breakup. Modern day love stories are all about communication and trust, which was missing between Kara and Kevin. Their love fizzled out because they both wanted different things.

The cast does a wonderful job of creating a whimsical and playful atmosphere. The height of comedy is reached in the acting class, where the teacher, a jovial, hyperactive individual draws out the shy Kara and the seemingly unadventurous Kevin to have them engage in a bout of improv. Pushed into confrontation with her former lover, Kara fumbles for words and meekly agrees with his opening line, “Maybe we should get some carrots.”

Frustrated at their lack of effort, the teacher grabs her by her vest and firmly urges her with a resounding, “Say it with your vest!”

Finally finding her inner voice, she rumbles out declaring firmly that she wants to mix it up with some metaphorical cheeseballs and will not take no for an answer. What follows is a slam-bang clash between Kevin and Kara who finally realize that they “weren’t meant to snack together.” Kara understands that she was not meant to settle down into a comfortable relationship. She yearned for adventure and thrill, which she understands she would not receive in her relationship with Kevin.

Emerging from her cocoon like a wise butterfly, Kara has finally figures out what she wants in her life.


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