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In conversation with Juan José Bors – the Executive producer, screenwriter, and director of the short film Revelación

Juan José Bors summarizes his movie as “starting from real events, reason and faith are contrasted throughout a story that moves between homage and parody to the religious cinema, interpreted as a peculiar variant of fantastic genre.”

Making a movie that deals with religion and giving justification with real events, proper reasoning and faith is something that requires a strong storyline and creativity of direction. Let’s check out how he came up with such a powerful storyline, and stories behind the screen.

Hello  Juan!

CULT-CRITIC – Revelation is your fifth film, can you take us through your days when you directed your first film. What was the experience like?

JUAN – The first film that I shot with the intention that it would have public diffusion in festivals and samples was the micro short Play with me, shot in the school where I studied Filmmaking. It’s a silent movie that was inspired by a scene from James Whale’s Frankenstein. The filming was very brief, only one day. Everything was very relaxed, with a small team. Post-production was complicated when the soundtrack took much longer than expected to complete. It was the first time I understood that the really tough process begins after filming, something that has happened again in Revelation.

CULT-CRITIC – You are a journalist, freelance writer, blogger, Editor, Screenwriter, community manager, content producer. Not only that you have audiovisual technical experience and also teaching experience. Do you think your experience in all these sectors makes film direction easier?

JUAN – Yes, definitely. Filmmaking is a very complex thing, spanning many disciplines and closely related to emotions. All my experiences at a professional and personal level influence when it comes to directing a film.

CULT-CRITIC – How did you come up with a script where faith and reasoning with contrast each other?

JUAN – We all have our contradictions and it is normal to suffer internal struggles. I try to reconcile my convictions with respect for other ways of seeing life, as long as they also respect me. The idea of ​​the script arises from all this things and from reflection based on real events that make us question the world in which we live.

CULT-CRITIC – Revelación has used VFX portraying Virgin Mary did you take professional help for these scenes?

JUAN – Japanese illustrator Mari Nakamura, who knows Spain and speaks Spanish, did a great job with the character design. At first it was only going to be used in the poster, but I liked the drawing so much that I decided to include the animation. Ángel Francisco González, who worked with me on post production, was in charge of the anime scene.

CULT-CRITIC – Can you recall your experience working with the crew of Revelación. Can you tell us some interesting facts about those days?

JUAN – It was very intense. We had little time to shoot and the budget was not very high. As in many independent short films, many people involved in the project had to participate in multiple facets.

CULT-CRITIC –  What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a Film Director?

JUAN – I think the most important thing is to have your feet on the ground and be honest as a person and as an artist. It is very hard, so it is important to have clear ideas and carry out projects that really motivate you.

CULT-CRITIC –  Who was your strong support during the making of Revelación?

JUAN – The Corvera town hall, the town where it was filmed, gave us many facilities for filming. Thanks to them we managed to film in the chapel and even inside the city hall itself. I appreciate the support of all the professionals and amateurs who were part of the project. I have a very special relationship with the actors, perhaps because I also know what it’s like to be on camera.

CULT-CRITIC – Revelación received 25 awards, were you sure that this movie is going to make a huge change in your life? How do you feel when you received the awards back to back?

JUAN – It is a great honor to receive recognition. If any member of the team wins an award thanks to this short, I am as excited as receiving it myself. I hope that the awards are a stimulus to continue doing what I like.

CULT-CRITIC – Can you tell us about a funny anecdote regarding the Carla Chamorro (Alicia) you had worked with?

JUAN – Carla was only 14 years old during the filming and was very professional. Her parents were present at the shoot. Even his mother participated as a helper. Since Carla was a student, she carried her textbooks and did homework on breaks. When we called her to film a scene, she became a great actress. After that she was a teenager student. I’m happy to announce that Carla has won the Best Youth Actress Award at the Best Actor Award (NY).

CULT-CRITIC – Please tell us about your next venture? When can we expect your next release?

JUAN – I have a project for a fake documentary and other ideas in mind, but now I can’t put a specific date on them. The world has changed unexpectedly lately and we all have to adapt.


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