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Directed by Seth Kozak

Some people would stop at nothing to get what they want, no matter the price. But what happens when their opponent outsmarts them? How far will both sides go to get what they desire?

‘Rendezvous’ takes these questions to the extreme when an opportunistic congressman schemes to have his much younger wife killed.The film displays human behavior at its worst, when life means nothing, and personal goals are placed above all.

The short thriller is beautifully made and very well acted.The talented Katarina Morhacova, who plays Catalina, and the gifted Mike Sutton, who plays Zachary, created an interesting tensed marital dynamic.The skilled Chris Kerson, who plays Art, takes that flammable chemistry and pours a whole new dimension of angst into it. The locations and setting are incredibly picturesque and create the right tone and atmosphere for this kind of film. You can see they were carefully chosen and wisely used. All donating to the film’s undeniable style and elegance. 

We don’t exactly know why the congressman wants his wife to die before he climbs up the latter, but it’s very clear his wife is perfectly aware that something isn’t right. In an attempt to save herself, she leaves the house even though the winter weather is less than ideal. The storm forces her to change her destination plans, and the hit man locates her hiding spot. Will she be able to save herself? Will her husband ever be hold accountable for his actions? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Seth Kozak, who wrote, directed, co-produced and shot the film, spent his formative years living in Europe during the Cold War. His desire to tell stories through motion pictures was heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, and Sir Arthur Conon Doyle. He received his formal film education in the 16mm film program at Southern Illinois University.

Seth’s interest in studying human interaction has led him to earn three master’s degrees in varying social science disciplines. In addition to moving nearly 50 times, between 10 countries and 15 US states, his diverse background includes service abroad as a US Navy Air Crewman, a combat leader and a US diplomat. Seth is currently a retired disabled veteran. After 26 years of service, he is able to pursue his film making dream full time. And we’ll get to enjoy more fantastic creations.

The making of Rendezvous could be a great film on its own right, as 50 percent of it was shot four years after the first shoot took place. The two crews never met, and production occurred in five states: Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky. The film was worked on from six countries: U.S., Romania, Iraq, Israel, Russia, and Australia, and flew in talent from LA and NY. It took producer/director, Seth Kozak, 6 years to complete the film while working on various projects around the globe. To pull that off, and do that so successfully is truly something that others can learn from and aspire to. 


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