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Directed by Nolan Schmidt/ Reviewed by Biplab Das

Reaper Island Part II – A Journey into the Land of Blood

Reaper Island Part II is an 18-minute long short film that showcases how an ordinary journey turns into a bloody affair. Shot on a handheld camera looks quite amateurish. There is no plot as such. The movie is a series of events. The film also shows the dark belly of American culture.

The film starts when a brother and sister reach Reaper Island. They looked a bit perplexed about what to do. Stanley, the brother, views are different from Rachel. Stanley, a bit bulky, is adamant in exploring the island, and on the other hand, Rachel does not want to do so. She also pointed out a sign stating trespassing is not allowed. Their argument started to reach a point when a skinny, odd-looking, and weird man started laughing out of the blue. His shouts and behavior made them scared. But after a few moments, he insisted the couple explore the island. He also escorted them deep into the island. They were having a discussion until the weird skinny man pulls out a knife under his shirt, and stabbed Stanley. Watching her brother die, the girl started screamed, and soon, a man wearing a black robe and a mask appeared. He had a scythe with him and started to chase the girl who started running frantically. Then out of the blue, another guy arrived- Duke. He attacked the robe-wearing man with a sickle. The girl looked quite relieved but bereaved with her brother’s demise. Duke advised her to leave the place, but she was adamant. Then suddenly, the man who killed Stanley attacks Duke. Duke started shouting run, run. The girl had no option but to run.

She left the deserted part of the island and went to the residential section of the city. She knocked on a door, and a man named Harvey opens the door. She asked for help, and the man happily agreed to it. The girl was relieved after receiving such the kind gesture of the man. She also hugged the man as a return of the gesture. The man soon gives her a glass of water. But after drinking it, she passed out. When she woke up, she found herself inside an old building with Harvey. 

Harvey started to tell how the island is used as a location to murder people as sacrifices to a Reaper God. In the building, there was also a skeleton of his brother, Randy, who was killed by a girl who was meant to be his victim. Completely ignoring Rachel’s screams, Harvey started ascending towards her with a huge sickle. The moment he decided to slit her throat, the skinny man who killed Stanley entered the room. Watching him, Harvey became excited and started feeling charged up. He then wanted to speed up the killing process. He was just ready to slit her throat, and then, the man who killed Stanley falls on the ground, dead. Suddenly Duke enters the room and started to fight with Harvey. Harvey finally succumbed to his wounds. However, Duke is badly injured as well. Rachel tries to leave, but Harvey, still hanging on to life, stops her. She then cut his throat using Duke’s sickle and leaves the building. However, Duke doesn’t leave. He decided to blow up the entire building along with himself, ending the story.

The director, producer, and writer of the movie Nolan Schmidt depicted a dark side of American society. At the end of the film, it has also said that why it is paramount to save girls.


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