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Directed By by Vikram Jeet Singh Parmar

“Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought challenges. Every mankind wants to discover their limits, know themselves, connect with nature and create their destiny.”

Pinnacle is about some motivated individual who in quest of adventure went to the Himalayas in 2018. They had set out to Ladakh to summit two of the highest trekkable peaks known as the Stok Kangri and Mentok Kangri, in the Indian Himalayas. They lived in Mumbai and started their trip by taking a spectacular flighty to Ladakh.

By watching the documentary I can say, for the first time I saw some kind of true adventure and real breathtaking sights. The director was amazing with his vision and he has completely set the documentary at the correct pace.

The sites of Tso Moriri lake in the Changthang region of Ladakh are some of the most beautiful pictures that the documentary consists. It is the largest high altitude lake in India entirely in Indian Territory. This beautiful blue pallet lake is about 7 KM wide at its broadest point and about 19 KM long. Being part of the wetland reserve under Ramsar site, it is known as Tsomoriri Wetland.

The scenes slowly move to Stok Kangri which is known as Khang La Chan amongst the locals. Also called the goddess of snow is 6,153m, a stunning mountain of the mysterious Ladakh region of Northern India.

Pinnacle shows how the trek to its summit is achievable by someone with little trekking experience but huge enthusiasm. It’s a fantastic entry-level 6,000m peak.

The film has visions of Stok Kangri, Mentok Kangri, Leh, Matho Village and all the scenes are magical, especially on the summit day!

Ladakh is a land of many contrasts. It’s one of the highest, driest inhabited regions on Earth, a semi-desert where Buddhism meets Islam, India meets Tibet and where the Himalayas meet the Karakorum. 

Dotted with small villages and ancient monasteries, the high mountain panoramas blend into eternal blue skies and vibrant festivals spring up with cheerful regularity. It is beautiful to see all of these portrayed in the film.

Vikram Jeet Singh Parmar’s movie does an excellent job of telling the story of Radhika Talsania (personal Trainer) who used to paint mountains ever since she was a kid.  Hiren Gada (Chartered accountant) who after the trek may or may not continue his job, Bhavesh Shah (Trader) who was preparing for the trekking from three to four months, Poonam Parekh (House Wife) whose confidence and visualization how she wants to be and how she wants her daughter to be boosted my self-esteem.    

Vandana Bhansali is a social-preneur is also a part of the journey. Mihir Shah a  business in the team remarks that their journey started as war.

It’s the story of Hiren who couldn’t summit Stoke and had to come back but with his will, he submitted the second peak  Mentok. Hiren has left his job and is a full-time mountaineer now. He came back to Leh in 2019 and successfully submitted Stok kangri.

This movie allows us to get some insight into the extreme environment in which this extraordinary young person went for, and surely this movie is going to encourage generations on taking a step ahead and fulfill all their dreams no matter how tough it is.

This group of people just did it because they wanted to. The part that makes the story of the film so compelling is the amazing combination of scenic beauty, the setting of the scenes, the music, the cinematography and lastly but not the least the perspective of the director to see the movie.

With all the complexities of a film shoot in high altitudes, I feel that this movie qualifies for an award. Of course, it is the hard work of the editor, music composer, the sound designer, VO, and all the people involved in the project. 

Final Verdict

Pinnacle depicts the story of true explorers, not seeking glory, just seeking themselves to the top of one of the most inhospitable places on earth. A remarkable story, well told.


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