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Written by Artie Romero / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ, his son? Is your faith complete and strong? Or is there some kind of doubt in your mind or in your heart? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these of questions, then this music video is meant for you.

OfGod is a cartoon band that aims to inspire, enrich and restore your faith. The artists behind the song dedicated the lyrics and art to Jesus Christ. They call upon you, the viewer, to believe, to stay strong and to shut out any doubt that might creep into your heart. The artists wish to show you the beauty and power of faith, and the miracles that comes with it.

This catchy tune and playful animation conveys a religious Christian message to all of Jesus’ believers out there. The band reveals how much they adore Jesus and share with us two of the miracles he made. In the first, Jesus leads a blind man and asks him if he believes. After the man proves his faith, Jesus gives him back his sight. The man’s joy is heartfelt and moving. In the second miracle, Jesus visits a very ill man. As the man’s wife and children cry by his bed side, Jesus touches his forehead and cures him. The family is united and happy. And with it, so are we.

The animation, illustrating and capturing the blessed moments, is powerful and beautiful. The simplicity it portrays is exact, and the shots design and movements are on point. Those allowed the piece to retain its magic and sense of optimism. It created an overall feeling of joy and hopefulness.

The video being and ends with the sky, hinting at God watching above us. The band is on earth, below him, singing to us, to God, to Jesus. The serenity plays out in their naturalistic scenery, and the characters’ body movement is delicate and subtle. Some close their eyes as they dance, some sway their body to the music. All while being in a peaceful forest, surrounded by God’s creation. The band members themselves match the forest beautifully as each one embodies a different animal. Two males and two females from various species in human clothes, play different instruments and together portray the miracle of life. This is what harmony looks like.

The director, Artie Romero, began his film career as a producer and director with the founding of Everyman Studios in 1973, known today as ARG! Cartoon Animation. In a twenty-month period spanning 2005-2006, the ARG! website logged over one billion hits.

Romero’s skills and understanding of animation read loudly as you watch the music video unfold. No surprise there, given Romero’s studio produced tens of thousands of digital animations. The artist clearly knows his craft.

“Miracles” by OfGod is a sweet music video meant to brighten up the believer’s day and remind us it is going to be okay. And honestly, during these difficult days, we can all use a little bit of faith and hope for a miracle or two.


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