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Directed by Fabio Falzarano

What is reality? How a person should find what is real for him? OBLON sheds light on it. It is really engaging to see the way director has shown the journey of a man in different perspectives. There is no word called OBLON in the English dictionary. This is a new word created by the director. The variations with the letters present in OBLON are a portrayal how multifarious the society is.

The OBLON is a blend of multiple genres. It has mystery, suspense and drama. There is a tension present throughout the film. This somehow binds the short in an interesting fashion. However, its multifarious approach didn’t harm the film to convey its main message. The tension brings certain amount of artistic flavor into it.

The short is predominantly made for a matured audience. There are multiple layers in the film. A learned person will surely enjoy the film and its content. The content of the film has deep philosophical meanings. It is also better to have some understanding about some philosophical terms. The understanding will help you to divulge the inner meanings of the film. However, anyone can watch this film. There is graphic violence in the film making it understandable for everyone.

The director of the film Fabio Falzarano has done a tremendous job in pulling off a great film.  With Daniele Bianchi, he has written an excellent script. The duo also produced the film. The main character of the film, Noblo, played by Gianmarco Cestra, is the main point of this film. Fabio is an interesting person. Once he retired himself from everything to become a Hindu monk at the feet of Himalayas. He thought it was the best way to wrap things up. But later he changed his plans and returned to his home. He started making films.

With the help of the mysterious master, Noblo, the protagonist of the film, systematically ascends all the five layers of reality of the ancient Vedic scriptures, desperately seeking the purpose of his life. Numbness and confusion dramatically take a hold of him as he progresses, from Earth to Fire, Water to Air, slowly revealing, as he reaches the innermost cave of the self, the true face of his eternal enemy: the Doppelganger.  A most symbolic voyage that will finally see him as emerging as a master of reality and finally he gives the wheel of life another spin.

The film carries a high dose of Hindu philosophy. It is better to have some understanding about the Vedic ideology.  However, the film is not on Hinduism. The film deals with the struggle of human existence and how to fight it. A high percentage of the film is really about the inner fight of a person who struggles with the outer world. The entire film gives you a hallucinating experience in terms of understanding. The Vedic treatment in the film is a great way to explore the modern interpretation of religion.

I would give OBLON, 4 stars out of 5. The film captures the inner struggle in a poignant fashion. The film is fascinatingly fresh in its approach. The film requires at least couple of watching to comprehend. The unpredictability in the story and its telling makes it fascinatingly fresh.  This short is a must watch for those who wants to know about their inner self.


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