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Where Nobody Can Go


Directed by SONG Joosung | Review by Arindam Bhunia

‘Where Nobody Can Go’ –  after seeing the title of the movie some thought came to my mind and after finally completing the film, I concluded that my creative power did not cheat me at all.

[dropcap]From[/dropcap] the very early age to today’s so called modern age some mystic, paranormal people exist who still believe in black magic and worship the evil spirits. These people can go any extent to accomplish their desired result and to gain their interest they don’t even care about their own blood also. ‘Where Nobody Can Go’ is a psychological thriller with a never-ending love story. Undoubtedly it is going to be a milestone for director SONG Joosung’s carrier.

The story of ‘Where Nobody Can Go’ starts with Ho-Jae, who is an orphan is deeply in love with physically challenged Sun-Hui and wants to marry her. For money Ho-Jae needs the share of his father’s property and for that purpose he goes to his uncle’s house for the first time. This is here the story sloughs off. Ho-Jae had a doubt about the reason of his mother’s death and after meeting his uncle his doubt became his presumption. By degrees Ho-Jae realizes that his uncle is a devil-worshiper who also does dark magic to people; kills and turns them into Mummy and worships those Mummies. Ho-Jae also becomes sure that his uncle was only the cause of his mother’s death.

But it was like a blot from the blue for Ho-Jae when he discovers that his uncle also have done dark magic to Sun-Hui also and turned her into a normal lady from a physically challenged person. Ho-Jae gets shocked when Sun-Hui asks him to stay with his uncle. Will Ho-Jae loose his love against the black magic? Will he loose Sun-Hui from his life like his mother? Or the Good will win over the Devil? Let it be suspense for the viewers.

The film starts out as a well-acted, well-produced supernatural thriller with a climax of a knock-out punch. To which end, somebody should have walked across the wrap with a deft pair of webbed feet. Each actor has made such a fair play to their character that one can easily connect.  Background music is mostly situation-based and aids the narrative. The lead female actress looks very innocent which is reflected in her acting too. The Cinematographer is challenged by a film that lives too much in the dark, but aside from an occasionally too-shaky camera, he manages much artful framing. ‘Where Nobody Can Go’ is a fresh take on the usual thriller story. In essence, it’s not just about how black magic or evil spiritual element takes over a person, it shows how true love wins over anything.


Though modernization and enlightenment have taken place, superstitious beliefs still persist in our society. In every human being there not only exists divine, there also exists evil and this is the reason why still every single day women are brutally murdered in the name of witchcraft in this so called ‘Modern World’. But in this film the good spirit wins over the devil. Thus, for this the director deserves lots of kudos. Our society strongly needs this line of thought to overcome the human shaped monsters.


Cult Critic: Arindam BhuniaArindam Bhunia is a marketing manager in an MNC with more than eight years of work experience in electrical field. Apart from his corporate job, he has interest in cultural activities so he joined Human Lab Corporation as Chief Executive Officer. He oversees strategic planning for film, television and video game production, marketing and distribution for the company’s business verticals worldwide. He is also responsible for overseeing finance, legal, labour relations, technology and HLC Studio operations.


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