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Directed by Tyna Ezenma/ Reviewed by Biplab Das

Nineteen is a full-fledged thriller film with the presence of paranormal activity. The film has some fascinating horror moments. Presence of paranormal activity gives the film edge over any other horror film. Throughout the film, the mood of the film is serious and tensed. There are few funny moments but I believe they are fillers between two scenes. However, this doesn’t make the scenes unwanted. Throughout the film, you can feel the thrill. The film is an interesting blend of mystery, thriller and paranormal activity.

Who doesn’t love horror movies? Generally speaking, people love this kind of film. This film is fascinatingly fresh in terms of the story. Be it kids or adults, I’m sure everyone will enjoy the film. The story of the film is universal. So people from different parts of the world can relate to. Audience will also enjoy the visuals of the film. There are some horrifying scenes at the end of the film which are really well shot. This makes the film visually different from the others. Audience gets a blend of the all flavors of horror and thriller in the film.

Tyna Ezenma, the director of the film, is successful in telling a story that touches down every aspects of a thriller movie. The writer of the film, Rachel Brewer, has certainly done her research. All the actors in the film has done tremendous job. The acting is so natural that it gets enmeshed with the story seamlessly. This makes the storytelling smooth and easy. The cinematography of the film is another interesting part. The use of light is the reason that differentiates the film from any other horror film. But the sound of the film gives a stellar performance. It brings the unique feel to the film.

Three young women go to a sleepy-town inn. One of them has a writing assignment involving a mystery attached to the hotel. The writing assignment uncovers the long hidden secrets and reveals the horror. The plotline looks simple, but the way the film has been projected makes it worth watching.  The film has many sub-plots. It also has a flashback story. The binding of story is really tight and that transpires the film. The ending of the film is really interesting. It is more of a close-ended ending where the perpetrator gets what he deserves. The use of makeup, especially the prosthetic, is really eye-catching.

The film has all the necessary things that one can get from a full-length horror feature film. It has tension, horror, thrill, and comedy. You won’t get all of these things in right proportion in this film. This you will not get in every film. I especially liked the location of the film, the sleepy-town where the hotel is located. If I evaluate the film in terms of entertainment value, it can easily be said that it has all the ingredients that an entertainment film should have. The functioning of all the departments of film-making seemed clicked and worked in unison.

I give 3.5 stars out of 5 to this film. The film is successful in evoking the feelings in a right manner. The storytelling aspect of the film is its highlighting part. Thrill and horror both have been portrayed in a careful and well-thought out manner. The almost one and hour film is worth watching with everyone.


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