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Directed by Oli Greck / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Artificial intelligence films have always gained much interest and curiosity from their audiences as we allow ourselves to dream about robots and advanced inventions that can improve our lives significantly. The twists usually lays in AI’s ability to threaten ad ruin us. In ‘New born’ the director decided to explore the other side, much like in ‘Westworld’, and see how humans are the ones to threaten and damage the AI.

In the short film, a new AI model comes out, in the form of a beautiful woman named Angie.The men around it search for ways to take advantage, harm and abuse it. Angie becomes a prisoner in the hands of its master, which allows the master complete freedom to fulfill his sickest and cruelest fantasies.

However, Angie experiences glitches that disrupt her serene acceptance of her forced reality, and her true journey begins. The former AI model, who is also imprisoned in the master’s house, makes it clear they need to run away. Will Angie understand and agree? Will they succeed and find their freedom? Will the men around them learn to be better? You’ll have to watch and find out… and trust me, you want to.

The director, Oli Greck, says that ‘New Born’ projects a dark artificial world. It is a science fiction film that questions morality within human nature. The film is truly relevant today, in a world where treatment of others is a key subject in the media and general life.

The film raises interesting questions about human behavior and empathy, or lack thereof. The use of AI allows the creator to find a new way to explore the awful mistreatment towards women in today’s world. Greck did a beautiful job directing the film, subtly pointing out the characters’ nuances and carefully crafting the plot to its undeniable ending, which sends an even bigger message after Angie’s choices come to fruition.  

Some moments could have benefitted from further character exploration, but the overall piece was impressive.

Amber Doig-Thorne who played the AI model Angie, delivered a great performance and was able to keep her character on that interesting merge of robot and human. Especially when facing her master, played by the talented Peter Wheel-Jones.  

The cinematography, also done by Greck, was picturesque, and his choices of composition and lighting complimented the story well. Combined with the enchanting music, composed by Monika Mia, the films’ qualities were dramatically enhanced.

Oli is a director, drifter, cinematographer and Editor who is fascinated with the structure of cinema and visual storytelling, and this film is very much a testament of his abilities. Going into filmmaking in early age, Greck went onto fund the company ‘Eyes To Film’ who is in charge of various innovative projects.

‘New Born’ is a captivating sci-fi film with a strong message. In today’s world, films that manage to both entertain their viewers, and raise awareness and contribute to important discussions about worldly issues are more than needed. All of that makes ‘New Born’ worth your time. 


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