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My Mom Wants to Kill Me



My Mom Wants to Kill Me | Reviewed by Gaurav Dutta 

“My Mom Wants to Kill Me” a film directed by Shuojia Chen is a 14 minute film with some scares and dares on the way. The movie begins with a little girl sitting with her mother doing something on the ground, and we hear a voice claiming “Your mother is going to kill you, pulling the attention of the viewers instantly. The mother offers a glass to the kid, which she is scared to drink after she has heard such a voice. Her mother makes her gulp it down and she suddenly faints, switching us to another scenario where both of them are in a car.

In the car scene, we witness the same voice telling our little girl the same dialogue as she gets cautious of her senses, and suddenly her mother’s face turns into a monster with eyes in all the wrong places and including her hands. There is another monster in green that enters the scene. The makeup of the characters in this scene are really amazingly magnificent in this movie.  As the movie progresses ahead, we find the girl to wake up in a hospital and everything that happened seemed to have been dreams, but in a while we are made clear that this is not the case at all. The dark and sentimental small twists in the film makes this film special.

We keep hearing terms like “her mother’s life insurance”, “death” giving us hints of what the film is wanting to say. In the hospital a person comes in who is very rude to her and she is tied in the hospital bed. After a while she again wakes up in a wheelchair with her mom, where she is trying to put a rope around her neck but this time in a sad way, seeming like committing suicide and not wanting to do it at the same time. In a moment, the movie clears all our doubts stating that she needs sixty thousand dollars for her daughter’s surgery. The person her mother goes to for help is the same rude person in the hospital she dreamt of, it is her father. 

In the conclusion, we see the mother tell her kid to close her eyes, and no matter what she hears, not to open them. She, quietly understands and follows her mother’s instructions knowing what is about to happen. The mother pulls out a gun, seemingly shoots herself in the street as there is a loud bang heard, and the baby girl is seen shivering in fear of the outcome, forcing her mind to focus on closing her eyes and not open them.

The movie ends by showing us which seems to be another dream loop, where the girl is with another family, it can also be that she is cured and adopted by some other family, you can never know. A beautiful ending making the audience to think on.

The acting skills, visuals, transitions and story, all have been perfectly aligned in this movie.

Gaurav Dutta is a graduate from Kolkata, schooling from St. josephs college having a passion for writing since childhood and a love for coding and gaming at the same time!


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