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Movie Etiquette in a Post-Covid-19 World

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

During the pandemic, nonessential businesses like movie theaters were forced to close their doors due to government restrictions. Thankfully this is coming to an end with The Economic Times reporting that movie theaters across India have been opening up once more as restrictions ended. This is great news for movie enthusiasts since they will be able to get the full viewing experience again.

Yet, as Covid-19 starts to subside and people start watching films again it is clear that the experience has changed. Today there is a new etiquette for movie theaters that you should be following to keep yourself and fellow film fans safe and happy.

More respect for personal space

The WHO reports that virus transmission happens in crowded and enclosed spaces. Despite being in a post-pandemic world, people will need to be wary of getting too close to each other. Where possible try and keep at least a one chair gap between yourself and other patrons. If you can choose your seats you can also look to avoid crowded areas.

Smoking alternatives in drive-In theaters

Drive-in theaters have seen an explosion of popularity during the pandemic with new drive-in theaters popping up in the parking lots of hotels and malls in Pune and Mumbai. Most Indian cities now have a drive-in theater that show both new and old films. Hopefully this trend will continue to be popular as they are a unique and fun way to watch a film. The advantage of a drive-in theater is that they give viewers a lot of freedom in what they can bring. However, in the new normal some freedoms need to be curtailed. While smokers shouldn’t light up anyway, this is even truer now as there is a link between cigarettes and an increased susceptibility to Covid-19. Even vaping can be a distraction for other viewers. For smokers who still need a nicotine hit there are non-smoke and vape alternatives available. One such option is using a nicotine pouch, as they are easy to use, discreet, and highly accessible. Prilla discusses nicotine pouches can be used in public because they don’t emit any odors or second-hand smoke that can affect bystanders. More importantly, they don’t produce aerosols that could carry the virus. This way you can enjoy the film as a smoker without ruining the experience for others.

Increased consideration of other’s health

It is not just smokers who need to be more considerate of other’s health. Before Covid you wouldn’t think twice about leaving your home if you had a cough or a cold. This has now changed, and you should think twice before stepping outside and visiting a crowded place like a movie theater if you are not feeling 100%. Since the virus is still highly transmissible, those who were feeling unwell must choose to stay at home rather than endangering others. And since mask mandates in several areas in India have been lifted, people no longer have that form of protection to fight against being infected by the virus. This means that the public need to be especially careful in a movie theater where people are sitting in one place for an extended period of time. The new movie etiquette needs to be don’t go if you are feeling unwell.

In the new normal film fans need to be aware that the danger of Covid hasn’t gone and that they should follow the above etiquette. For those who feel that they can’t go to the movie theater for what ever reason, there are many other options as outlined in our post on ‘Digital Media: Reinventing the Entertainment Industry’.


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