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Directed by Samiron  |  Review by Riya Saha

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]other is a woman who gives birth and takes care of her child. But can a woman who has birth be only referred to as MOTHER or ‘Ma’ as bengali’s would lovingly call her? Haven’t we heard aged people referring to a child or much younger women as “mother”? This title has to do a lot more than being a mother, it is a reward of generosity, care, sacrifice, hard work and mostly LOVE – Eternal Love.

We can image two types and people related to that love. A woman who carries a child for 9 months in the womb but doesn’t treat the child with her care. Or a woman who doesn’t have a child, but finds love and cares for everyone be it her sister, father, orphans and so on.

Samiron the director of ‘MOTHER’ has given birth to the latter. She who is not a parent of a child but a woman figure who is down to earth, simple, a smart and intelligent. For whom responsibility and social care plays a very important part in her life.

Being a Bengali Movie produced by Goutam Ray and directed by Samiron, the film has taught us to see life from a different perspective. An innovative concept that was almost unexplored in its genre. This movie teaches to value our priceless life in a unique and caring way everyone can envision.

The director of ‘Mother’ was successful in taking the storyline to a far more dramatic and intense level with emotional story development. These proceedings are heart-breaking and powerful.

The film is so brilliantly narrated, so greatly pictured, so authentically and naturally portrayed and acted that you can feel a real relation to the story, to the characters and to the different situations. The dialogues are well-written and enduringly interesting. The people Mrittika Dey Sikder meets in her way represent the variety of people in our society. The good, the jealous, the ugly and the generous. The story changes drastically when the protagonist loses her closest one and denies the happiness of marriage. The story becomes lighter, nicer and does lend some relief after she was successfully guided by her better half.

Well acted by Mrittika Dey Sikder who plays a satisfying role. We got to see an even more real performance by Riddhiban, the protagonist’s fiancée. The actors who played the elder sister was natural and brilliantly carried her role. Overall the actors in ‘MOTHER’ were natural, sincere, charismatic, charming, and performed their parts with great nerve, depth, and conviction in every frame.

The Ending scene makes the film more powerful and must be noted as the impressive moment of support and unparalleled realistic vibes.

The music by Shameek Kundu is fantastic and helps to relieve the extremely serious proceedings. The chirping of the birds and the humming of a soothing tune is authentic, it is not one-sided. It conveys emotion, fun, entertainment, tears, pain, without going to any extremes of unnecessary drama. Most importantly, Samiron has a very important message of love and care.

‘Mother’ is engaging and interesting, and combined with the excellent acting, never gets boring or repulsive. The cinematography is fantastic, and the background score is also exceptional. Definitely give it a watch.


Riya Saha is a Kolkata based writer, editor, journalist and cinephile. She has completed her masters with Journalism and Mass Communication from Calcutta University and currently working as a freelance journalist. Having a great interest in world cinema made Riya join Human Lab Corporation. She is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. She enjoys reading, writing, travelling, socializing and meeting people. She is also very fond of watching International movies.

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