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Directed by Samiran/ Reviewed by Monali Majhi

Among the most important roles of a mother is the call to nurture and nourish. Motherhood can be exercised throughout life, whether or not a woman has children. The director of the film Mother proves it once again with his film. The film Mother is a story of taking care and being taken care of. It begins in a crematorium.  Then we go back to that morning. The day begins with Shreemoye waking up in the morning when everybody else is asleep.  She wakes up and immediately get on with the daily chores. It becomes clear soon that the entire household is dependent on her. The members of her family are her father and two sisters, one of whom is not quite stable. Her sister’s doll of a bridegroom evokes the hope of a marriage. The director spends a good deal of time with the doll and the woman which can be a premonition of yet another failed communion.

Shreemoye is the person her father calls to support. She is the person her sister tells to do the dishes. She also seems to be the primary breadwinner for the family. Shreemoye does everything she can to provide for her family – tuition, dance class.  Her sister understands her burden but she is unable to anything to help the cause. One is inclined to think what if her sister’s singing talent would come into limelight.  Shreemoye goes about her daily life nonchalantly with a smile on her face. She never let others see her life struggle. She is the backbone of her family. She has to run from one workplace to another. The clock is running against her it seems. And one name pops up into her conversation with others – Neel. He is the only solace in her dull life. Neel proposes marriage to her with a bangle given by his mother. Their meeting is cut short as Neel has to run to donate blood to someone. She returns home to find her father dead and her family distraught. The wedding bells end up being death knells. Hopes are crushed. When Neel comes to meet her the next day, she returns the bangle and refuses to marry him for her idea of a family is broader than that of the two. Neel surprises her as well as us when he adores her elder sister and says that they will have their family in an orphanage just as she wants. She agrees. The movie ends with all opening their new address, “Thikana”. They begin their journey of life together with a bunch of kids and dear ones.

Mrittika plays the daughter of the family who is actually the mother of them all. Mrittika’s eyes speak emotions that words cannot fathom. She barely speaks throughout the film. But her expression conveys the helplessness, the tragedy of her character. She started her acting career in 2017. She has acted in short films like “Ajana Baank”, “Red Curtain”, and “Waiting Room”. Mrittika is the dance choreographer of the film “Mother” as well. She won the best actress award for “Mother” in Peak City International Film Festival. The film is a packed one. It makes you feel bad for Shreemoye from the very beginning. The feeling remains throughout the movie until Neel proclaims his love with the gesture of a true companion. It was now turn for the mother to be nurtured and to be cared for. Mrittika acted out Shreemoye’s pain very well. She have had good supporting actors. Especially the actor playing her elder sister has done a brilliant job. Riddhiban’s Neel was very convincing.

Abhishek Nandi has done a clean job with his camera. Art Director Seema ray has done a good job too. Shameek Kundu’s music is another good thing about the film. The director has made an interesting film about daughter’s responsibility and how to perform them successfully.  But what stays with you after the film is Mrittika’s acting.


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