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Miracle! Mother Nature Has Appeared to Me

Directed by Martin Sommerdag

‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle’. -Albert Einstein. The short starts with this quote.  Miracle! Mother Nature has appeared to me is a long title but the film is short. Keeping aside the humor, the short is an excellent study of nature. However, there is nothing botanical in the film. Miracle and Nature are two words that intertwine with each other very well. However, in this context of the film it is the simplicity of the nature that has been termed here as miracle.

The short film is documentary in nature. It is more of an explanatory approach through which Mother Nature has been explained. There is no particular genre in this film. The camera jerks have made the film look interesting. If you’re in a hurry but want to watch a film then this short is the right one for you. This short but snappy film will show the world that you have never seen. But there is no use of VFX or graphics- it is done through explanations.

Miracle! Mother Nature has appeared to me is short film that celebrates charm, beauty and generosity of Mother Nature. The moot point of the film is not to see Mother Nature as just mere object. We human beings ‘civilized men’ are guilty of overlooking nature. The film emphasis we should consider nature as someone with whom we should have a loving relationship. With this perspective, we will be able to get a glimpse of father. Small things like – rainbow, fruits, leaves, trees have been used as examples to explain the meaning of nature. It is the simplicity that attracts so many people.

The director duo of the film Mario Pascariello and Tommaso Miceli Malaguti have done a great job. Mario has also written the film. Mario’s lone role in the film is really appreciating. His candid approach in explaining things make the film worth watching. On the other hand, Tomamaso’s role as a producer is another great point for this film. The language of the film is in Italian, however comes with English subtitles. Another interesting part of the film is the simplicity in presenting. Camera use may fascinate many people.

As said earlier, simplicity in storytelling is the main aspect of this film. The film accumulates all the little things of nature that we overlook every day. The simplicity of the nature has well been documented and explained in the film. The short is a courageous effort to portray the simplicity of nature rather than going for something extravagance of nature. If you are curious about nature then you will surely love it. There is a particular scene when the narrator is explaining the process of turning an orange from green to orange. According to the narrator, this is the biggest miracle of the nature. The narrator easy explanatory approach is another interesting part to watch for.

I would like to give 4 stars out of 5 to this film. The sole reason behind this high rating is because the way it has shown the simplicity of nature. The way simplicity has been termed as miraculous is really commendable. One underlying factor of the film is that you cannot ignore the little things in the film. Little things about nature will surely attract you in this film. The way examples have been used in the film is really a fascinating watch. I recommend this film for everyone- from kids to adults. Each and everyone will be able to appreciate the film and interpret in their own way.



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