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Menti Minda- Mother Tongue



Menti Minda- Mother Tongue| Reviewed by Gaurav Dutta 

Menti Minda- Mother Tongue, a short film with a total run time of 6 minutes deals with widespread insomnia throughout the globe. The movie directed by Karin Balog focusing on something that is a daily thing we may see people facing.

The whole movie is filtered in an animated style where a girl starts by throwing some clothes in the ground, and also removes some of her worn clothes and places them on the ground just to dance in with the music playing and specific words as they are displayed in the background. The clothes seem to be depicted as a “burden” or “change” which everyone is not adjustable to, but in our daily lives we have to adapt to change day by day. The girl seeming to dance in her own company is thinking constant thoughts that keep coming to her mind, all in her mother tongue, Even though she is at a new place. Supposedly, the major issue each individual faces, is a change of place or location, and the change in lifestyles as per the location. The necessity and the extent of the necessity to change into the daily lifestyles to survive is depicted in this movie. The girl dancing to calm her annoyance and the bird portrayed is a nightingale is known to make more than a thousand different sounds and the girl follows it away, clearly stating that even in this annoyed mindset she has to change. She has to change for herself to survive in a new place for her good.

The film seems simple in its meaning, but to understand its meaning, you have to go through its deeper roots. It may look like a film with nothing to notice at one glance, but the deeper meaning makes the film special and it holds an important aspect in the way of life. The concept it deals with marks the impact it has on this world.


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